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Thanks to our friend Leaf Wrong, we have "in hand" images of the new @avengers  #Endgame  Marvel Legends figures from @hasbro  that will have the Professor Hulk as a Build-A-Figure. For more images, head to These figures will be hitting shelves in the US on July and you can pre-order the whole wave and single figures on @bigbadtoystore 


9d ago itsmejoee

Which hulk is to the left of Professor hulk

9d ago lifewithjaybee


9d ago wolviestoys

Already at Target in Cali somehow

9d ago riddlysphinx

Idk why, but Shuri really fucking sucks xD

9d ago starscapeconstructs

I need that Beta Ray Bill in my life!!!

8d ago adam_cg

Really disappointing if this is the only way we're going to be able to get Professor Hulk. I would like to have the figure, but not enough to buy that entire set when I only collect figures from the MCU.

8d ago gimsuha4487

Malibu good cool

8d ago odhranmccoy

Is there any good left hands for that figure

8d ago jason.l.johnson.1978

Beta ray bill looks too short. :/

8d ago s.n.customs

hulk is a great size and warmachine

7d ago jbunyi1115

I'd like to see someone make a custom jump suit for that Prof Hulk. With everyone doing 3D printing these day, I'd pay good money if someone's handy with some fabric!

7d ago marvel_legends_figures

I REALLY hope that iron man isn’t part of a new wave.

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