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5d ago eliezel_02

Good serie, but the one before that was better.

4d ago jonathanernestofloresjuarez

Cuando terminan la batalla final

4d ago michaelmeadowspt_ocr

Should take the best rangers and give them sabres

4d ago persiguiendopaginas_

One of the best rangers serie ever

4d ago xtreme_alpha

im down to be a lost galaxy ranger

4d ago makochild

Worst Pink ranger and worst season ever

4d ago twilightlink777

Maybe their descendants.

4d ago jk1tt

I’m a 30 year realtor and this is one of the few memories as a child hood that influences to being a good individual in life. One of the most powerful and moving times in tv history. I wish more shows could set an example the way this set an example for me. The power rangers are a sign of the good in humanity despite all the evil and I want to take this moment to thank all the generations, actors, stuntmen, writers, directors and investors that contributed to me becoming who I am today.

4d ago jk1tt

FYI Instagram doesn’t allow edits anymore

4d ago ashaw648

Lost galaxy

4d ago _fallen_zero_

And therefore...Lost Galaxy was the last PR series i watched cause Zordon was gone.

2d ago lucascunhaaraujo

I realy like the Galaxy rangers. Karone❤️

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