Instagram story by SHAUN JONAS I DIGITAL ARTIST - @exocarmine


9d ago davido_98

These cyberlab edits are so sick my bro 🔥

9d ago demmonz

Inspiring work bro. 🔥🔥🙏

9d ago manolitadigitalart

awesome work 👏👏

9d ago jerquartz

Please do more of these edits! 😍

9d ago tmdesigns_

This. Is so cool my friend.. Really love the futuristic look at this Shaun.. Just very well done 😍😍😍😍

9d ago v1sualsofjt

Hell yeah man! This is so awesome. Love your concepts

9d ago visualsofhunter

Dang Shawn this is so freaking cool. Your recent work has been on fire lately 🔥🔥

9d ago engwind

Damn! This one looks great! Such a good job!💯🔥

9d ago izzybll

Broooo so good 🔥

9d ago 4_mrs_aj


9d ago sc_digitalart

Great ! Did you watch the movie aeon flux? They’re not cyborg but it makes me think of it )

9d ago petterbullling

You are very talented mate 🙌

9d ago visualsofkk

Wow man, well done. Love this

9d ago joelvisualz

Wow keep rocking up with this cyber stuffs love it

9d ago fanbros_art

This is great man!! The cyber human series is 🔥🔥🔥

8d ago da_ny_550

Exceptional dear friend 👏👏

8d ago richardarnaldy

That skin bro, you really nailed it! 👌

8d ago reimaginates

What an amazing work! Great job 👏👏

8d ago tom_webster5

Truly amazing work man, killing it 😍

8d ago visualsofvolt

Oh damn this must he hell of a work to blend😍😍 youre so g

4d ago violine_studio

Your Work is Stunning and Sensationell 🔥🔥🔥

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