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Recovery is a roller coaster, and one that, sadly, doesn’t “only go up my friend.” But you have permission to ride it. The ups AND the downs. Your recovery is not meant to be “perfect.” Not perfect ya all. . . . Recovery is not linear it is by all means no “walk in the park.” . . . Over 24 hours I’ve well and truly road the ups and downs of the recovery roller coaster. I started the day as eager as a beaver ready to launch myself into a recovery oriented day full of challenging myself and my disorder. A little while later and I’m in full-blown panic mode in the middle of a (very public) food court. Tears were, quite demoralisingly, shed. And over what you ask? Stir fry. Yep, FOOKING stir fry. . . . But, the reality is, this is the perfect portrayal of imperfect recovery from an eating disorder. There are “on top of the world moments” for sure, and these make your heart beam, your smile widen, and you eyes gleam with hope. These are the moments that make recovery feel, not just like a million bucks, but WORTH IT. These moments are liberating beyond words. . . . Other times though, recovery feels more bitter than sweet. These times are imperfect to say the least and make you question your motives to recover: why in the world would we throw ourselves into places of such immense discomfort? Why would we crawl out of the (false, yet so comforting) safety of our disorders only to be seemingly crushed by the real world? . . . The answer is these imperfect moments, the ones that test our will to live, these are the moments that matter most. These are the moments that make you grow. These are the moments that FEED your desire to recover. Why? Because they give you a momentary glimpse of the miserable life you’ll face if you don’t continue recovering. The more you work towards recovery, the less these meltdown moments will occupy your days. Until then, use these moments of shear terror, of embarrassment and (in my case, shame) as fuel for your recovery fire. Use these moments as motivation to grow, so that one day, the situations that trigger such awfulness (shout-out to my story-fry), no longer cause you to bat an eyelid. Because these days will come. I promise


9d ago life_beyond_anorexia

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9d ago foodfaithfit

As someone recovered I totally agree with this!! I love you for being so honest ❤️ I remember crying over a blueberry once 😅

8d ago spaghetti_or.nothin03

I still struggle, But this isn’t worth your happiness. Own your beautifulness and uniqueness ❤️❤️❤️

8d ago kalie_recovery

Thank you for sharing this ❤️❤️❤️ you are so strong and so amazing and I’m so fucking proud of you everyday ❤️❤️❤️

8d ago wearewednesdayschild

What a wonderful post. The downs will become less but until then never feel shame for your feelings, you are fighting a battle and doing so well x

7d ago recovery.felicity


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