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We laugh, we love, we cry, we fight, we disagree, we trust, we get confused, we get scared, we breakdown, we rise. We love so deep it hurts when the lights flicker. A piece on the matters relating to the heart. A message to all willing to share a passionate bond with another.  At the end of the day, after we’ve amassed the riches, after we’ve gone on the wildest adventures, after we’ve seen it all and heard it all, all our hearts want to do is to share it with a special someone. Someone we feel we have a connection with. Someone we cherish with everything we’ve got. Someone meant for you, and you alone. And if for a second, just a split second the core of that feeling is shook, all hell breaks loose. Whether you stay and hold on, or leave and let it crumble, the decision is yours and yours alone. We are a true embodiment of  Controlled Chaos. We do not give up, we live! Once upon a time, a group of talented creators from far and near met at the just recent #Creatorsmeetup  hosted by @1menzy.  Within a few hours of meeting, they tested each other’s’ smarts, each others strengths and explored each others weaknesses in the quest to create something on the topic ‘Controlled Chaos’ as one of the challenges of the day. They brought this short film to life. @bledapapii  @zongo_studios  @ solomon_tyler @dewdropzzz  @gilays_ae  @ceemenka  @jnrkay  @etornamofficial_  @1menzy  @eazi_ezz  @kwame_ahenpong  #ghana  #thecreatormeetup  #thecreatormeetupgh  #beach  #kokrobite  #fun  #colors  #adventure  #creatives  #filmmakers #photographers  #style  #accra   #film  #cinematic #hustle  #night  #sony  #zhiyun  #60fps 


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