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Continued from the post before... _ Quietly, Alex began lacing a pair onto her feet. “I can’t not have them.” Beth followed. The two had their beloved Aliens. As Erica started reaching for a pair, they heard a rustling. Suddenly, the NSA agent appeared. The absolute horror. “These are sold out!” he screamed. “And you can’t have mine - they go too well with this ☢️ suit.” The three pals shrieked and sprinted away to their bikes – Alex and Beth in their comfy PUMA Cell Alien OGs, but Erica in her tired old kicks. They were safe... for now. In the aftermath of the escape, the friend group drifted apart. They could not move past that fateful night. Erica became obsessed with finding the shoes, the green glow taunting her in her dreams. To this day, some say they see Erica at night in deserted strip mall parking lots wearing socks and sandals... searching, searching, searching...for Cell Alien OGs. 👽👽👽👽👽👽👽

Continued from our last post… Beth turned around, mouth agape. Alex, ever the cynic, snapped, “Yes, we know, socks with sandals is an unforgivable offense. Did you–” “SHUT UP. THEY’RE IN THERE. I SAW THEM.” The corners of Erica’s mouth turned upwards just for a second 😏 – she knew she was right. But then she realized what they were dealing with. What if they were evil? Like Thanos? Or Andy’s boyfriend in The Devil Wears Prada? “Nobody make a sound 🔇” said Beth, with newfound confidence. “There’s an NSA agent asleep in the front. He’s SUPPOSED to be guarding the Aliens.” “We NEED them,” Alex breathed. “I’m just gonna grab them. Then we 🏃‍♀️.” Quick to prove her toughness, she swiftly moved up against the van, wrapping her hand around the door handle and then the release for the lock. The cold metal sent shivers down her spine. She looked back at her friends, the three of them frozen. “OPEN IT,” hissed Erica. POP! The lock released, and the trio held their breath to see if the NSA agent had been awakened. ⏰ stood still. Finally, Alex slowly pulled the door back, revealing 📦 and 📦 of PUMA Cell Alien OG 👽👽👽, giving off a warm, green glow. Beth and Erica hopped up to see. “A definite cop,” a mesmerized Erica uttered. “They’ll go great with my cutoffs,” Beth echoed. “Precioussss, my precioussss.” Alex was almost incoherent. “Alex, that’s not an 👽 reference, it doesn’t even make sense,” Beth snipped. SEE NEXT POST FOR MORE OF THIS REALLY BAD SCARY STORY

~WARNING~ DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE ANY OF THE FOLLOWING: A SCARY STORY CONNOISSEUR, AN ENGLISH MAJOR, EASILY FRIGHTENED BY BAD PROSE AND UNDERDEVELOPED CHARACTERS, ETC. THESE ARE OUR TERMS!!! _ This is a Hero’s Journey, if you will...to find DOPE KICKS. This time it involves three kids and some 👽. “I saw them, I swear. Aliens! In the parking lot!” Erica frantically exclaimed. “Ohhhkay yup, I DEFINITELY believe you.” Alex rolled her eyes and casually poured the crumbs from her chip bag into her mouth. But Beth, our third hero, remembered something. “Wasn’t there a whole thing about Aliens here in 1999? Right near this spot?” Alex remembered. “Ok,” she huffed. “Let’s go look. But we have to be back by 9. I want to see if Tyrion dies. I have 💵 on it.” They grabbed some 🔦 and hopped on their 🚲, headed straight for the lot. A dimly lit PUMA store, closed for the night, cast an eerie pall across it. They were spooked, but no one would admit it. A man wearing the dreaded yet unmistakable socks and sandals combo was barely visible in the distance. They quickly moved past him. But the kids knew what they saw. Finally, Beth snapped. “We CANNOT keep going. DID YOU SEE WHAT HE WAS WEARING? The socks weren’t even the same LENGTH 📏. I knew the two of you would be my death.” Alex shot her an ❄️ stare. “You do this all the time. I’m so over you being lame - they probably aren’t ALIENS, just like, something else weird! Like a cult! We never do anything exciting and you’re ruining it.” “Actually, they are aliens, but like, I second Alex. I saw them there, in that van,” Erica chimed in. Beth was self conscious about being the wet blanket, & her friends knew that. Tween girls really know how to hit em where it hurts - & nothing like some peer pressure to propel a story forward! “Oh. my. god,” said Erica in a whisper that had the sting of a scream, “that van...I think it’s an NSA van!” “The Nifty Sneaker Association? What do they want in our small town?” Alex wondered. They creeped up to the driver’s window & sharply pushed Beth in front. There was no mistaking what she saw: 👽👽👽 _ SEE NEXT POST FOR MORE OF THIS TERRIFYING, SEASONALLY OUT OF DATE SCARY STORY

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