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I’m so so so so happy for you, @kateraxx ! I dig your wedding style & wish you all the best in the future with your man. Making things for friends is THE best. Love you. 😎

Another lovely couple! Congrats, Emily & Berry 💕🌸💕 Thank you again to @dirt_and_coffee  for the pretty grange wildflowers!

Congrats @travisdemello  @ @cydwix  !!! Thank you for the creative freedom & your admiration of plants & flowers. Also, thank you to @dirt_and_coffee  for your help & @brooklyngrange  fleurs!

back in NY missing the squad & studio but happy it’s now in the hands of a gem @kristen_usui 

Italy has reacquainted me with my love of bubble gum

the final week. Beyond thankful for the amazing supportive family I’ve made here despite a month of cold & rain. Love you guys.

Today I woke up really upset about what’s happening in the US. It’s hard to watch from overseas. While it’s not surprising, it doesn’t hurt any less. I’ve had 2 abortions in my life. Both times were equally heartbreaking, however, both times I was overwhelmed by the amount of gratitude I felt - for the availability of services, for the doctors & volunteers devoting their time to women’s health, and to have the right to choose. To have all of these stripped away makes an already difficult decision all the more difficult. The madness of these old white men needs to end.


the most Italian arrangement to date: irises, sage, artichoke leaves, sweet pea, thrifted granny vase