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My first photo shoot!! #fbf  I was featured in Unleashed magazine! @malinasaval  wrote a lovely piece and I thank her to this day for her awesomeness. It was a great time!!!

Can you tell I was excited to attend the annual Women in Film Gala? #womeninfilm  @womeninfilmla  Thank you so much for such an inspiring and motivating evening. It was evening that lit a fire in my belly and under my booty! Shout out to @arteliabeats  for the video and the makeup. @_lizrich  My curls are still popping!!

@sylwiaromaniukcouture  Thank you for giving me a beautiful dress to wear to the @womeninfilmla  gala! Tonight was a call to arms! A call to action! Making films, making art, is an honor and a privilege! I was honored to be in the room tonight!!!

From the #bloomsummit  last week. Self care is an act of revolution-Audre Lorde. With little money and little time and little resources it can seem daunting. If you can just find 3 minutes to pray and be still, start there. The discipline and practice will grow. The universe will unfold and raise up to meet you where you are. Start with 3 minutes. I know, if you have kids, or you are taking care of an elderly relation, and you have to work one to three (or more) jobs....it’s hard and I hear you. Wherever you are on your continuum of self care, I’m supporting and cheering you on. I’m in your corner. See if you can find 3 minutes. For 3 days. I’m rooting for you. Let’s build this muscle together.

@NewBloomMedia.  Thank you for my awesome gifts. Truly I feel like the universe was looking out for your girl. I needed the journal and the pill case, one for my soul and one for my body! Thank you! #bloomsummit !!!!

It’s Friday night and you just got paid!!! My advice? Go home and plop on the couch and watch ALWAYS BE MY MAYBE. Best movie I’ve seen in like forever!!!!!! It’s funny, and sexy, and sweet, and grown, and just everything and @michellebuteau  is AMAZING!!!!!

I’m holding a water bottle, two t shirts, a gallon of Kombucha, my keys, my phone, and a tub of vitamins. I came in for 1 t-shirt!!!!! The Target struggles continue!!! #knowthyself  #butineededitall !!

Don’t wear your hair natural, they said Don’t tell them you went to Stanford, they said Shrink, they said Pretend, they said You aren’t enough, they said You will never be loved, they said You’re forgettable, they said She’s better than you, they said He’s worth more than you, they said I’m here to tell you, from my soul, THEY ain’t shit.

What fun! Can’t see the waterfall in the background but I assure you it’s there! What a@wonderful  way to spend the holiday, hiking up to a waterfall with some of my favorite people!!!! I should add, he fell asleep about ten minutes after this photo was taken.

If anyone remembers please tell@me  I’m not crazy. Thank you!

Not mad per se....just. At least after everything Sana’a had been through she lived. AND I was glad that Catelyn Starks girls lived. Bran is still a Stark? Still unclear about that. But yeah.....