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- Scooter Braun   You don't know how to live if you don't know how to give

Proud to be a part of @100Thieves.  @Nadeshot  = class act.

Today at the office my friend and one of best creatives in the game @awsuki  came by. Humble as ever look up the credits!! Amazing guy

I love her. @yael  ❤️

So proud of my wife @Yael  and the entire @moca  board. I was a proud plus 1 tonight.

Prom night with friends. #moca 

10 years ago today we launched the first single for this young kid @justinbieber  that I believed could change the game. We literally had to make the song ourselves outside of our label budget (which wasn’t even open) and my friend @trickystewart  made the song with us as a favor. We put it out with no plan other than let’s hit the road with this guy @ryangood24  that @usher  brought on and my friend @kennyhamilton  who worked at T-Mobile in atl. We used YouTube and social media (never been done before at that time) to try and prove everyone wrong. @allisonjamiekaye  and I met this wild man @dankanter  who might be one of the top 438 guitar players from Canada and added him to the team 😂. We got a dj named @djtayjames  off the college scene and off we went. @pattiemallette  we were all so young but you trusted my vision for your boy and I thank you and honor you for that. 10 years later our lives have changed and that floppy haired kid has become a legend. But beyond all his achievements since ...I’m proud of the young man he has become. His heart for others is incredible and his growth at such a young age is admired. We have come so far in 10 years and so many other hits have happened (literally one right now with @teddysphotos  at the top of the global charts) both in music and in life. But one thing has remained constant... @justinbieber  is my family and I’m proud of him and I love him like family. #onetime  #10years  - watch what we do the next 10 years 😁

My @rumble_boxing  crew this morning in LA. Kicked my ass 👌😂💪

Saturday morning 5:14am. 🤦🏻‍♂️ ❤️😂 @yael 

I don’t care @teddysphotos  @justinbieber  #1 global

“Hi... I’m Justin... go watch my new video with Ed Sheeran. Bye” #idontcare 

New album from @carlyraejepsen  out now!!

New video for I DON’T CARE by @teddysphotos  and @justinbieber  out now. And it’s... well you will see 😁