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- Shasa Aylen Lo Russo   Traveler ✈️ Italian/Argentinian girl. Business student in Spain. 🇪🇸 Exchange student, USA 2012/13. Idahome. 🇺🇸. Precious water 💧

Don't ask me to stay still, because I can't #alwayslaughing 

So happy to be back in a theatre.. And I must admit, I wished I was on the other side of the stage tho 🎬 Btw the show was awesome #theaddamsfamily  #musical 

One sunset at the time

Matching 🌐

Looking not so lady while eating pizza

You can tell I'm not allergic to pollen 🌺🌼💮🌸

Alone in the universe, getting used to this feeling

One weekend at a time I will visit the world 🌍 (thank you strangers for the pictures)

Yesterday being silly not thinking that I would have to do 20k today..

Finally Saturday 👌

I can't believe this was a month ago.. Btw now it's raining

So many memories in this place, and yet every time I come here it feels like I've never seen such a beautiful thing