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A little sneak peek into the awards we won at the Sitges Film Festival 2018. @punkudge  @adeshprasad  #RahiAnilBarve 

#Repost  @adeshprasad  • • • • • • This day, 6 years ago Ship of Theseus was released. I look obviously very happy because I found life long friends in the extraordinarily talented editor of the film, @djangokaza  and the actor, producer, clown @shah_sohum  #serendipity 

"How you see people, affects how close or far you're going to to keep the camera". Catch ace cinematographer @punkudge  talk about the different characters of the movie and the distance they demanded from the camera. #6YearsOfShipOfTheseus 

On this day, 6 years back we commenced our journey with Ship of Theseus. In some cultures the number six represents completeness but for us it was just the beginning! #6YearsOfShipOfTheseus 

#Repost  @criticschoicefilmawards  ・・・ It's interesting to see the work and artistry that go into creating a representation of a certain place at a certain time. No other movie could've shown us that other than Tumbbad #CriticsChoiceFilmAwards  #FCG  #MotionContentGroupIndia  #VistasMedia  #BookMyShow 

#Repost  @criticschoicefilmawards  ・・・ The background score was the biggest strength of this movie. Bringing every scene to life with his brilliant score, Giving it up for Jesper Kyd for the ever enchanting - Tumbbad #CriticsChoiceFilmAwards  #FCG  #MotionContentGroupIndia  #VistasMedia  #BookMyShow 

#Repost  @criticschoicefilmawards  ・・・ Overcoming several day and light challenges, keeping in mind the colour schemes and set designs, he made the lighting and every frame larger than life. Giving the Best Cinematography award for Tumbbad to Mr. Pankaj Kumar #CriticsChoiceFilmAwards  #FCG  #MotionContentGroupIndia  #VistasMedia  #BookMyShow 

It was a night to remember for Team #Tumbbad  as we won the Best Background Score, Best Cinematography & Best Production Design award at the #CriticsChoiceFilmAwards  Thank you to the jury & @FilmCriticsGuild  🙏🏻 #Repost  @shah_sohum  ・・・ Thank you to the jury and the critics for always supporting our small film with a big heart. @FilmCriticsGuild  @criticschoicefilmawards  @amita_suresh_shah  @zihanidoodle  @adeshprasad  @punkudge  @kyd.jesper  #RakeshYadav  #RahiAnilBarve 

#Repost  @criticschoicefilmawards  ・・・ The background score was the biggest strength of this movie. Bringing every scene to life with his brillant score, Giving it up for Jesper Kyd, his award being accepted by Soham Shah for the ever enchanting - Tumbbad. CriticsChoiceFilmAwards #MotionContentGroupIndia  #FCG  #VistasMedia  #BookMyShow 

Thank you @shubhashetty  for you the appreciation🙏🏻 We are glad that you really liked the film & recommending it to others as well :) #Repost  @filmcriticsguild  ・・・ As much as we love a relaxing Sunday, this week's #CriticsChoice  movie recommended by @shubhashettyy  will keep you on the edge of your seat. Psst! Just 7 days to the first ever #CriticsChoiceFilmAwards . #CCFA  #FilmCriticsGuild  #MovieLover  #ShubhaShetty 

So happy and proud to announce that Tumbbad bagged six nominations at the #CriticsChoiceFilmAwards  2019. Thank you jury on behalf of the entire team for this honor. Fingers crossed 🤞 @criticschoicefilmawards  @shah_sohum  @adeshprasad  #RahiAnilBarve  @punkudge  @djangokaza  @kyd.jesper  @zihanidoodle  @rakeshyadav.artncraft 

Thank you so much @su4ita  for your kind words. Glad that you liked the movie & recommending it to others as well. #Repost  @su4ita  ・・・ I finally watched #Tumbbad  and haven’t stopped talking about it since. (also crush on @shah_sohum  has intensified 100 times) #CriticsChoiceFilmAwards  @Regrann  from @filmcriticsguild  - Today we have a fantastic #CriticsChoice  recommendation from a 'chaar'ming critic. And yes, @su4ita  we strongly agree with you. Must Watch! #CriticsChoiceFilmAwards  #FilmCriticsGuild  #MovieLover  #CCFA  #RahiAnilBarve