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⭐️Happy Tuesday guys!⭐️ Are you taking your day one step at a time? Currently expanding my knowledge on the couch on business taxes, and the 3pm slump is slowly creeping in😂 If you work from home, you TOTALLY know what I mean! 💤 . Lesson of the day: if you wanna take a nap, take that nap. You’re not missing out, do what yo’ body needs.

Ya’ll Mercury retrograde tried to get me for the past few days😬...has anyone else felt stuck, down or lost? We’re gonna get through dis!💪🏽 . I went to a meditation and spiritual awakening seminar at @alywilloworganics  last night, and I am BIZACK. I meditated in the grass this morning (got bit up by ants but it’s totally ok), did yoga, wrote in my journal, cried to “Aretha Franklin- Say a Little Prayer”, danced and did my rituals. I was reassured by my spirit guides to forgive myself for feeling down, thank you for those emotions that awakened my eyes to clarity, and to always surrender to the universe. . Take it easy on yourself guys. ASHE. NAMASTE.🌿🙏🏽

Sometimes it can be difficult to remain present when your mind is cloudy with endless thoughts, playing old scenarios or simply “out of it”. I call that the “Twilight Zone” when I feel that I’m having an out-of-body experience filled with thoughts of feeling stuck 🤦🏽‍♀️ . . Here are 5 remedies that you can try when you feel your mental and physical slowly entering the “Twilight Zone” 1. Ask yourself why you’re feeling this way. Identity where this feeling is streaming from. The more you ask yourself these questions the more you’ll be open to acceptance and forgiveness of your feelings. . 2. MEDITATE. For 10, 20, 30 minutes. You can ALWAYS make time. Try not to put out the words “I don’t have time” to the universe. Instead say “I can make the time”. . 3. Reset. Take a nap or call it a night. Honor your body, don’t beat yourself up for being tired, listen and do what your body needs. Take care of your temple. . 4. DANCE IT ON OUT! Blast your favorite playlist, or even make a playlist for every feeling. I literally have playlists for when I’m feeling mad and I need to kick some shit, for a lil dutty wine, a lil trap mix, Viola Davis ugly cry playlist, you name it. . 5. Forgive yourself. I hope this helps guys!🌿p.s. I’m obsessed with California, the weather and nature is absolutely insane.

If you have the intuition to go somewhere, do something start something, end something JUST DO IT! Trust your inner guide, it gives us the answers that help us become more and more deeply aligned to our truth⭐️💗

🌿the simplicity of life begins within🌿 trust your intuition. the universe has our back. pray for the highest good of all. ⭐️ Happy Sunday you guys!

beach day with my homeslice/pops⭐️💗 I meditated, colored and did yoga! Also collected some beautiful shells to put near my plant child. Sitting near a body of water keeps me grounded and eternally grateful to be here! 😭

⭐️me and my bestie 4 lifey⭐️ . OKAY SO MY GIRL HANNAH @fayr.e  REALLY SNAPPED ON THESE CANDIDS😭she is a light and super duper talented with sugar on top! Book this woman💕 she’s amazing! . Happy Monday guys! You have the power to control how you want to feel, take it easy on yo’self and take your vitamins 🌿

⭐️whatta time to be alive⭐️ . Remember hat you have the power to control your emotions and your peace! Your inner voice guides you everyday, you know what’s best you, you know what or who doesn’t serve you. . Practice mindfulness and stillness, our guides, angels and the universe gives us the answers🌿All you have to do is trust, be quiet and listen.

HEY GUYS! HAPPY SATURDAY!🌿 I wanna share a few facts about me because why not!⭐️ . 1. I am small business owner! I have a creative studio business that offers brand identity, visuals, art direction and social media💫 it’s been so fun to just be on my own schedule, create, connect. My last job was a Store Manager at a store at the mall early last year. It was terrible, but worth the experience and self discovery. After that, I demanded that I will not work for anyone on this lifetime. I am put on this Earth to create many forms of art, to be nomadic, to be financially free, etc! . 2. I am the deeply connected in my spirituality. I believe in the Source Energy. I'm so connected to nature, non-physical beings, energy, spirits, manifestation, yoga, meditation, reiki, plant medicine, aromatherapy, herbs, The whole SHA-BANG!🌿 . 3. I've been vegetarian for 7 months! It's been so amazing to eat whole foods. I've been so connected to my body. Still learning how to balance different fibers though because your girl can (TMI) get backed up here and there from eating too much soluble fibers like beans😂 . 4. I've been with my partner @jacariofficial  for 4 years💕 our souls are deeply connected to one another. We have experienced different realms of consciousness together. He has helped me expand my mind and spiritually through our practice. Dats my mans and my bestie right dur! . 5. Most people think that I’m 25😂But, the gag is that I’m 19. My soul is very mature, and I naturally attract to awesome people who are much older than me. I’ll be 20 on June 29th💫 CANCER ♋ GANG ♋️ . 6. I am not into traditional secondary education. It's not for me, I've known this since I was younger that college wouldn't serve me. So, 2 years ago I dropped out of the University of the District of Columbia in the 1st semester. I was studying Fashion Marketing. #fschool  I’ll do a detailed video on this! But, that experience has not only made me happier, but so consciously aware of what I'm put on this dimension to do, and made me trust the universe even more!❤️ . THANK YOU FOR READING GUYS!!! 😚

“ Our fantasies are our realities in an excuse free world “🌿🌟

There are NO coincidences in this life, everything is happening at the right time. This can be nerve racking and weird but, the more you align your beautiful mental to the universe, surrender to it & trust the universe the more clearer, patient and mindful you’ll become💖🌿🌟 . YOU ARE ON THE RIGHT PATH, YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN PERSONAL JOURNEY. random off topic p.s: I’m sitting in my room listening to Chloe x Halle thinking should I make something a quick burrito or open this caramel popcorn from Trader Joe’s that I was saving🤔

⭐️bestfriend.rolldawg.partner.applepie.mans.hypeman.king.a force to be reckoned with. a light.⭐️💕