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Happy Chocolate Day🍫♥️ #unspokentales  #Tagsomeone 

To the Marvel cinema, We have learned a lot from you. Stan Lee Okay, So everything starts from you. What you have given to the world is simply the definition of love. Your Avengers will remain forever in our heart. . ●To the people of Guardian of the galaxy. Thanos A supervillain with such disastrous thinking, but you always tell the truth but your path is wrong and you do not deserve a better ending. Groot The most lovable character. Be like him Who just say a sentence "I am Groot". But defines all his emotions with it. Rocket Our favorite character. Be like him. So no one hates you, So people never get bored of you, Make them laugh all the time, Treat them always as a family, Fight for them, Die with them. Gamora A girl like her is the world demand. No matter how wrong your loved ones are, You always should go for the truth. She proved it all the time. Yondu I know many of them forgot you. But I won't because I cried watching you. Be like him even if everyone feels you are wrong and if you know, you are doing right, Continue Doing it. Because, in the end, the world will understand you. Nebula She teaches me that even if you are on the wrong path, you will get to the right one after all the struggles you had, Your struggle will make you happy and smile one day. Mantis A innocent girl with darkest of memory in mind,still can make anyone happy or sad. Drax Be like Drax, Never get afraid of anything Always fight for your life even if you are going to lose it, But fight. Star-Lord You are the hero of guardian of the galaxy. I know you are ugly, dumb but your determination is what we should learn. . ●To the Avengers who always save our Earth. Nick Fury The creator of the shield. You made the Avengers. You made them assemble, Be a Leader like him. Hulk The Strongest, the loveliest character Be like the hulk, Strong enough to clear to all the troubles, Go green. SpiderMan Be like him. So you always want to help people, You never get tired of it You don't want fame for it, You just want your web to work for the people. _________ CONTINUES IN COMMENT CHECK COMMENTS👇🏻 _________

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When my eyes meet with yours, will be capable enough to read those unspoken words,??? #speclover😎😚  #eyecatching  #unspokentales 

Truth hurts, needed something more exciting!🤷🏻‍♂️ TAG SOMEONE! ||FOLLOW US @unspoken__tales  || #oneliners #unspokentales #writersofinstagram #quotes #microtale 

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You know whats forever The bond of Tom with Jerry Oggie with cockroaches Nobita with Doraemon Looney tunes with a bucket of love, Kenichi with Hattori Mr bean with Teddy Popeye with Pastor Richie Rich with money Ash with Pikachu Ostwald with Vinnie Bheem with dholakpur Kaliya with dholu bholu Thomas with friends Hannah with Montana Dragons with fire Shaggy Rogers with Scrappy-Doo Yellow color with SpongeBob Noddy with car Motu with patlu Phineas with ferb Adventure with Dora Mickey Mouse with Mini Mouse Takashi's Castle with Javed Jafri Hagemaru with family Winnie with puh. Nohara family with Sinchan Dragon Ball with Goku Courage the Cowardly Dog with Bagge. Johnny Bravo with style. Ben with aliens Road Runner with beep beep Courage with mureal Power Rangers with S.P.D. Pink color with Pink Panther Justice League with love Avengers with 3000 At last The bond of my friend with me. . . . . Follow - @_unspoken.tales_  🔥 💝🔥🎀 #TagSomeone #Childhood #Memories #cartoon 

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