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Pi In the Sky!!! Austin hosts SXSW every year around this time and a few years ago this display happened...an airplane just puffin out the #digitsofpi . #nobigdeal . I was ah-mazed! So cool to see. It lasted for a good hour or so. Totally cool. #happypiday  #teachersofinstagram  #teachersofig  #middleschoolmath  #ilovemath  #mathteacher  #mathteachertribe  #iteachtoo  #iteachhs  #iteachms 

What hidden talents do you have, and not told anyone? You all know I can play the piano, clarinet and any music - but did you know I have a good memory? Here is 60 digits of #pi  #digitsofpi  #memory  #memorychallenge  #hiddentalent  #π

You’re getting verrrrry sleepy! When you wake up, you will recite the digits of Pi! #canisgizmosdroidus  #gizmo  #pugsofinstagram  #sciencepug  #piday2019  #piday  #svahasmiles  #svaha  #digitsofpi  #smartpug  #josikneisel  #puglife  #nerdpug  #svahapidaycontest 

Tips on how to memorize a lot of digits in π: Well, the first parts you just gotta remember. This isn't difficult for 3.14, everyone knows this. If you took sciences, you may remember 3.1416, but the 6 is rounded up from 5. So essentially, you need to just memorize 3.1415926, the first 8 digits, then some patterns begin showing up. The next numbers are 535 which have a pattern (the 5 is repeated, and they're all odd, with the 3 being one number down in the odd number sequence), so we're up to 3.1415926535, 11 digits of π. After that, there are two sets of three numbers with patterns, and are sandwiched between two 8's: 89793238 (979 is similar to 535, and 323 has a repeated 3 with the 2 being one number down in the number sequence). This brings us up to 19 digits of π: 3.141592653589793238. The next patterned digits is a set of three numbers with a pattern sandwiched between two 4's: 46264 (626 is similar to 323, where the 6 is the 3 multiplied by the number it sandwiches). Now we're up to 3.14159265358979323846264. 24 digits of π. Beyond this, numbers don't really appear to have a pattern (as pointed out in the comments, π doesn't have patterns as it is an irrational number, but we can try to find some because we're human and our brains are cool like that), but the next 4 digits are 3383, easy enough to remember. That's 28 digits of π: 3.141592653589798462643383. This is as far as I've been able to go, but shouldn't be difficult to add the next 5 digits (I needed to look these up), which are 27950, which brings us up to 33 digits of π. The best way to memorize large numbers is to look for patterns. After that, you just need to add some digits to those memorized and recite them. Yesterday, I was at 15 digits of π. Today I'm at 28, because of the patterns I found. Patterns help a lot, or maybe linking a number to some number you already know (like an area code or part of a phone number, car model, part of a credit card number, etc). That'll help you bring up your memorized digits of π! There are people who memorize a number that dwarfs 28, or even 33, digits of π, but it's still fun =) #pi  #digitsofpi  #memorizingnumbers  #memorizingpi  #memorizingdigitsofpi 

TGIπ 🥧 In today's Pi Recitation competition, four students in grades 3-9 competed for the title of most Pi digits memorized. Congratulations to our "Pi King" Bertie Azqueta who memorized 261 digits of Pi and had the satisfaction of "sharing" a whipped cream pie with math teacher Tina Barbieri! Runners up included 4th grader Leah A. (208 digits), and 3rd graders Sienna S. (121 digits) and Cece M. (87 digits)!

I'm getting started early on my Pi Day mugs. What do you think of this year's design? I'm thinking I'll glaze the top half and leave the bottom raw. But we'll see what happens as the idea continues to evolve. #piday  . . #mugshotmonday  #pidaypimugs  #pimug  #pottery  #wheelthrown  #mjmstamps  #digitsofpi  #stamped  #clay  #brooklynredclay  #3141592653  #3point14  #nevertooearly  #handmadebyme 

I'm thrilled with this #geeky  little grow-with-me set! How many #digitsofpi  do you know?

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