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Saverland v Newton (1836) was a court case in which a man brought action against Miss Caroline Newton, who had bitten the left half of his nose off after he tried to kiss her repeatedly. The judge ruled against him, saying she could bite it off and even eat it if she so pleased. Swipe to see more about the history of street harassment. Why don’t we have a modern version of the “annoying females” law from the Victorian era in Britain? Currently, street harassment is not an offence. A petition by @catcallsofldn  and @ourstreetsnow  hopes to change this - link in bio. #StreetHarassment  #ChalkBack  #Catcalling  #StopStreetHarassment 

Thanks @r.sfilms  for this video ⚡️ music by @georgiawatermusic  💫 this is basically how @catcallsofnyc  started (but over a longer period of time). I was fed up with street harassment and had an idea. Coming soon to @catcallsofnyc  #stopstreetharassment 

that’s that shit I do like

why 🔪 so 🔪 serious 🤪

Repost: I think that one thing that men, who don’t consider themselves actively creepy men, can find it hard to get their heads around, is that they can still benefit from other men’s creepiness. But we can, and we do, and we continue to, unless we work at it. Here’s an example: let’s say that a lifetime of experience with creepy men has taught a woman that she will get an aggressive reaction if she rejects a man’s advances. A man might think that it’s enough that he himself has never been aggressive when facing rejection, but it’s not. In the context of other men’s aggression, and the power imbalance between genders, a certain amount of work is required of men to make it clear that it’s safe for a woman, or non-binary person, to turn us down. If a person cannot be confident of their safety in saying “no”, what can their “yes” really mean? (A lot of what’s written here assumes attraction to women and/or non binary folk. I’m mindful of that, and I hope that you can read in some of the ways that this might be different for men who are exclusively attracted to men.) ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ It’s useful to imagine what the world might look like if women, and non-binary folk, felt safe in the presence of men. How might the politics of sex, romance, and public space look different in that world? Imagine a world in which women, and non-binary folk, could safely go to bars on their own, bars free of the normalisation of groping and harassment, and they could go without male companions, or pretending they have boyfriends, could walk home from those bars on their own whenever they pleased, could go back to men’s places and rely on being able to consent, free from pressure, threat or coercion, and withdraw that consent, or communicate boundaries, at any point. Imagine a world in which sex, and romance, scripts weren’t heavily shaped by the threat of male sexual violence. I worry that a lot of men, who don’t consider themselves actively creepy men, might still prefer the world that we live in right now. I worry that these men recognise that a world like that imagined utopia might possibly be a world in which they get laid less. And I think that’s something men need to face head-on.

but tell me more about women actually have “eQuAl RiGhTs” and should stop “complaining” 🙃

C’est bien connu, quand je sors de chez moi, c’est pour être complimentée de p*te et de sal*pe par des inconnus ❤️

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I'am very sadden & tired of hearing about people of all ages, of all backgrounds, getting hurt at school, work or just anywhere in general. What have we as a society come to? When kids teens adults males & females are constantly being targeted & abused brutally. No one deserves to be mistreated in anyway! Standup for yourself & others as well.💛💔😤 Me parte el alma ver tanta crueldad humana nadie merece ser maltratado o maltratada es hora de denunciar los abusos!💔💛😤

TW: HARASSMENT IN PUBLIC TRANSPORT. "Bhaiya, aap zara haat thik kijiye--" "Toh aap i chalalo auto, behenji, ya phir utar jao! Aaj kal ke ladkiyan!" And the not-so-innocent elbow brushes continue, until the passenger is reduced to tears, shamed for speaking out against this sort of everyday harassment, and angered by the silence of the other passengers, now every bit complicit with the harasser for not speaking up. This is but an everyday glimpse into the outrageous harassment faced by female passengers amidst public transport. Fear of being slut-shamed and for being a dirty-minded liar, most people choose to keep mum, hoping for the torture to soon be over. The few that are able to gather their courage and speak up, are either given hostile looks and filthy swears or are branded as "sluts", trying to ruin an innocent man's life. Other passengers usually turn their faces away after all, they are not facing the fire of embarrassment, and this isn't their fight. Or worse, they take the side of the harasser, trying to explain away the "misunderstanding" with paltry excuses. Of course, that is not to say nobody ever speaks out for the victim, but the numbers are far less than the norm. Victims also go through the humiliation, blaming themselves for the treatment meted out to them. Perhaps a dress to low for that sudden squeeze on the breast from a stranger hand that comes in and disappears into nowhere on the local train. Or a skirt, no matter the length, that might have egged on a man to sneakily grab the girl's bottom on the metro. And we keep our silence, blaming no one but ourselves, as a little part of our souls dies away. It is time that we come together and collectively speaks against this sort of harassment. To those who face this on a daily basis, it is something we cannot imagine, and we wish we could be there beside you, to fight against this. But speak up if you can, this is in no way your fault. We are here for you. To those who harass others, we're here, watching out for you. It's not too late to change, so you should. Otherwise, you might just regret it for the rest of your lives. Written by @catchin_all_that_rye  Artwork: Sanket Gupta

Red River and 15th: “I got a long wolf-whistle from 2 men in a truck as I walked to the Erwin Center. Picture is from google maps because my arms were full of recruitment materials for a career fair.” #stopstreetharassment  #streetharassment  #atxstreetharassment 

Not even a minute I chalked this, a mother and her young daughter viewed my chalk for a while- it makes me hopeful that young girls and women in the near future won’t be subjected to such horrors. #catcallsofbuffalo  #stopstreetharassment  #metoo  #feminism  #chalkback  #freedomwall 

Happened on my way home from work in 2015, Jamaica, Queens NY

💥Meet Mariana from @esonoespiropo_bogota 💥 What’s the most difficult street harassment situation you’ve experienced? I’m lucky enough to have experienced very “normal” or “less intense” catcalls, compared to many of the submissions we get. A very common one is getting whistled at or being called “my love” or “mamacita”. Although these are very insignificant compared to others, they can still make you feel belittled and degraded. Whistling for example, always makes me feel as if I was somebody’s property, like a dog or pet. 💫 read full interview, link in bio, and stay tuned for 2 other members of @esonoespiropo_bogota  ! #stopstreetharassment  #chalkback 

TW: R*pe. Speechless 😶 Answer below: how do you prioritize your own mental health when listening to other people’s stories of harassment? Welcome @notdevy  to the chalking team!! 💕#stopharassmentinschools  #stopstreetharassment  #chalkback 

"No one can steal your joy unless you give it to them" - Wise Words from Mama B Still feeling a little crummy about the ways I beat myself up as a young woman living in NYC. It was too late, I should have taken a car.... But why should people like myself live in a world where instead of getting to pay $2.75 to get home safely, we must pay upwards of $50 to maybe avoid being harassed when it's just as possible to be harassed by an inappropriate driver on any rideshare service? Things that have me riled up at #twentygreat  . ・・・ “YQYG” music video is out. Link in bio. Directed, shot & edited x @contessagayles  Song & performance x @indigomateo , @laurenjimenez  Song & video production x @richiereseda  for @question.culture  w/ @shanaerebecca  Video production crew: @dangerfieldmads  @rialdaz  @alicexueyu  @chodger  . . . . #yesqueenyessgoddess  #queen  #goddess  #abuelas  #maleallies  #survivors  #reclaimyourblock  #takeupspace  #walkawaybrad  #stopstreetharassment  #endpatriarchy  #hereliesthepatriarchy  #smashthepatriarchy  #musicvideo  #hiphop  #femcees  #womeninmusic  #womeninhiphop  #womeninfilm  #womeninmedia  #wocinfilm  #wocinmedia  #DP  #cinematography  #directher  #latinx  #blackgirlmagic  #afrolatina  #afrolatinx 

I was reminded of this moment when I screamed "Leave Me Alone" to the man aggressively pursuing me on the train. I did what I've been taught-- move to the first train and don't make eye account but when I saw him peering through the doors and about to follow me into my car at the next station, I screamed. I looked him straight in the eye and said "Do Not Follow Me Onto This Train" ... He said something like "I just wanted to..." And the doors closed. We need a #reclaimourtrains  campaign. ・・・ “YQYG” music video is out. Link in bio. Directed, shot & edited x @contessagayles  Song & performance x @indigomateo , @laurenjimenez  Song & video production x @richiereseda  for @question.culture  w/ @shanaerebecca  Video production crew: @dangerfieldmads  @rialdaz  @alicexueyu  @chodger  . . . . #yesqueenyessgoddess  #queen  #goddess  #abuelas  #maleallies  #survivors  #reclaimyourblock  #takeupspace  #walkawaybrad  #stopstreetharassment  #endpatriarchy  #hereliesthepatriarchy  #smashthepatriarchy  #musicvideo  #hiphop  #femcees  #womeninmusic  #womeninhiphop  #womeninfilm  #womeninmedia  #wocinfilm  #wocinmedia  #DP  #cinematography  #directher  #latinx  #blackgirlmagic  #afrolatina  #afrolatinx 

Leider sind in Elberfeld mehr als wie in Barmen, da es spät wurde. Aber ich habe die in Oberbarmen/Barmen an relativ belebten Orten platziert, also hoffe ich, dass es trotzdem was bringt. • - • {#chalkback  #catcallsofwuppertal  #meinwuppertal  #stopstreetharassment  #stopptstraßenbelästigung  #stopptbelästigung  #wuppergram  }

Und noch ein paar. Der erste Slide hier liegt am Hauptbahnhof in Wuppertal-Elberfeld. Eine Frau hat mich angemeckert, weshalb ich malen würde und hat mich nichts erklären lassen. Als ich endlich sagte, es ist eine Bewegung gegen Belästigung stampfte sie beleidigt davon. • - • {#chalkback  #catcallsofwuppertal  #meinwuppertal  #stopstreetharassment  #stopptstraßenbelästigung  #stopptbelästigung }

5 der heutigen Chalks Ich habe noch keine Catcall Erfahrungen zugesendet bekommen, weshalb ich vorerst dashier gemacht habe . • - • {#chalkback  #catcallsofwuppertal  #meinwuppertal  #stopstreetharassment  #stopptstraßenbelästigung  #stopptbelästigung  }

“Hey honey, where you headed?” On my way to workout today #stopstreetharassment  #atxstreetharassment  #streetharassment 

Veel van de verhalen die ik toegestuurd krijg spelen zich ‘s nachts tijdens het stappen af. Door alcohol en andere middelen vervagen grenzen en durven mensen meer. Dit is geen excuus om mensen lastig te vallen. Om het uitgaan een stukje veiliger te maken, heeft bnnvara het initiatief ‘Ask for Angela’ in Nederland gestart. Voel jij je tijdens het uitgaan niet veilig? Loop dan naar het barpersoneel en vraag naar Angela. Het personeel zal precies weten wat ze moeten doen. Ze zullen naar je luisteren, je uit de situatie halen of helpen de club ongemerkt te verlaten. Mijn oproep aan alle kroegen, clubs, barretjes etc in Groningen: sluit je aan bij dit initiatief. Via bnnvara.nl kan je een poster aanvragen zodat het uitgaanspubliek weet dat ze bij jouw zaak naar Angela kunnen vragen! #askforangela  @omroepbnnvara  #stopstreetharassment 

i hope everyone is staying safe and im sorry its like this #stopstreetharassment  #catcallsofindy 

"GRIMALDI AFRICANUS" cont. ----- "Brothers—My people wish for peace the red men all wish for peace, but where the white people are, there is no peace for them, except it be on the bosom of our mother. Brothers—The Great Spirit is angry with our enemies he speaks in thunder, and the earth swallows up villages, and drinks up the Mississippi. The great waters will cover their lowlands their corn cannot grow and the Great Spirit will sweep those who escape to the hills from the earth with his terrible breath. Brothers—We must be united we must smoke the same pipe we must fight each other’s battles and more than all, we must love the Great Spirit: he is for us he will destroy our enemies, and make all his red children happy. -Chief Tecumsah ------ "Eventually there will be only one people on the planet...We will talk about them, like the dinosaurs, you'll have to go to a museum to see a Eurasian...what their doing at the border is COLD. it's ICE.-K. Kamene ------- Praise of the Leopard (Yoruba) Gentle hunter his tail plays on the ground while he crushes the skull. Beautiful death who puts on a spotted robe when he goes to his victim. playful killer whose loving embrace splits the antelope’s heart. -------- Your history is an assasin, lurking in the bushes waiting for an opportunity to take our collective future.-gtb ------- How was it? Yeah, blinding mate, like martin luther king, yeah, but white... And more violent. -"Us and Them", Joe Martin

“Did you at least tell the principal to go fuck himself?” - a woman passing by after I finished this. #stopstreetharassment  #chalkback 

“Las mujeres solo sirven para dar placer a los hombres” Las mujeres son capaces y dignas de vivir para tantas cosas menos para eso que la frase suena además de incoherente cretina #nomasacosocallejero  #stopstreetharassment 

Bevor ich von einem Schulausflug zurück nach Hause gehe, schreibe ich noch einmal das am Alten Markt hin • - • {#chalkback  #catcallsofwuppertal  #altermarkt  #schwebebahn  #wuppergram  #stopptbelästigung  #stopstreetharassment  #meinwuppertal  }

Tomorrow is our first #SLMDances  #TheWindowSexProject  of the season! Use your voice, move your body and enjoy yummy food with us and your fellow young women, femmes, genderqueer, trans and nonbinary folx living in #Harlem  to work towards liberating our bodies from street harassment. RSVP via the link in the bio #twsp  #endSH  #endSHnyc  #stopstreetharassment  #meetusonthestreet  #dance  #nyc  Image description: Illustration of a brown skinned woman with short blonde hair, pink lipstick, and an orange dress. On the left side of the picture, the words read "The Window Sex Project." To the right, overlaid over colored triangles, the words read, "Community workshops in Harlem. Saturdays: Sep. 14, Oct. 5, Nov. 2."

🇳🇱 "mag ik je nummer" Klinkt heel onschuldig tot je de leeftijden bekijkt... De man heeft een officiële waarschuwing gekregen. En is op dat moment het zwembad uitgestuurd en heeft een ontzegging gekregen van 6 maanden. . 🇬🇧 "can I have your phonenumber" Sounds so innocent. The man who asked it was 35 years old and the girl only 13! The man got kicked out of the building and can't come back for another 6 months. . #stopstreetharassment  #stopcatcalling 

Als wir gestern direkt vorm Spar am Hauptbahnhof anfingen, diesen #catcall  aufzuschreiben, wurden wir prompt von der Security darauf hingewiesen, dass das hier Vandalismus sei und wir es entfernen mussten, wenn wir keine Anzeige wollten. Wir konnten uns zum Glück darauf einigen, erst alles fertig aufzuschreiben und zu fotografieren, bevor wir es wieder wegwischten (trotzdem schade). Da kam noch ein zweiter Security Guard auf uns zu und wollte wissen, für welchen Zweck wir das hier überhaupt machten. Er war sehr angetan von #catcallsofgraz  . Besonders am Bahnhof gehöre sexuelle Belästigung fast zum Alltag. Er betonte, dass das einzige, was in solchen Fällen wirklich hilft, Handeln sei. „Ich finde so ein Verhalten ekelhaft. Meiner Meinung nach darf es nicht ungestraft bleiben. Erst vor Kurzem bin ich hier einer Frau zu Hilfe gekommen und habe die Polizei verständigt. Allerdings ist es schlussendlich die betroffene Person selbst, die handeln bzw. sprechen muss: In ihrem Fall saß ich am Ende mit gebundenen Händen als Zeuge vor Gericht, weil sie sich doch nicht traute, auszusagen. Ihr müsst euch im Ernstfall trauen, zu sprechen, ansonsten kann sich nichts ändern.“ Macht eure #catcalls  sichtbar und gebt Belästigung und Übergriffen keine Chance. Wehrt euch im Moment und schickt uns eure Stories per DM. So machen wir die Gesellschaft gemeinsam auf sie aufmerksam. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #stopptbelästigung  #stopharassment  #stopstreetharassment  #chalkback  #chalkart  #streetactivism  #graz  #austria  #igersgraz  #catcallsofnyc 

💜GIRL LA RUE T'APPARTIENT 💜 MP si t'es intéressée par la prochaine session, c'est bientôt ! ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏾✊🏿 #lille  #lillemaville  #labrigadedurespect  #streetartlille  #streetart  #feministreetart  #girlpower  #stopstreetharassment 

I'm walking into work right now and this is what a customer says 🙄 . . . . #feminism  #notacompliment  #toxicmasculinity  #feminist  #catcalls  #stopstreetharassment  #streetharassment  #feminist 

An actually quite recent experience of mine. This week to be exact. I located this chalk in the schools park, as I'm already planning to put some others right in front of it. • - • 🇬🇧> He shook his hand, as if it was burning. "You Grenade!" -> I've been asking him for years to stop< • - • In Geschichte Half ich meiner Lehrerin aus, als ich eine nur zu bekannte Stimme hinter mir hörte. Ich warf ihm einen schnellen Blick zu, und sah, dass er seine Hand schüttelte als wie, wenn er sie sich verbrannt hätte. Ich gab ein "lass es" von mir und er grinste. • - • Ich werde Bald einen Vorfall chalken, bezüglich dem selben Schüler. Ein Vorfall, welcher vor Jahren passiert ist und welcher wie ein Auslöser künftiger Catcalls seinerseits gewirkt hat. • - • {#chalkback  #catcallsofwuppertal  #stopptbelästigung  #stopstreetharassment  #stopptbelästigunginschulen  #stopharassmentinschools  #catcallsarenotcompliments }

🇳🇱"Een dagje uit? Alleen als dat naar jouw bed is" Ze was 16. . 🇬🇧 "A day out? Only if thats to your bed" She was 16 years old. . #stopstreetharassment  #stopcatcalling  . If you want to share your story (anonymous or not) just sent a dm

О буллинге, харассменте, абьюзе и биполярочке. В современных реалиях, к сожалению, мы сталкиваемся с людьми, которые в шутку говорят о том, что у них биполярочка, но вот термин МДП (маниакально-депрессивный психоз) никто не хочет слышать в свой адрес. Погуглив свои симптомы можно найти много интересного, но в кабинете у доктора все оказывается значительно проще. При недомагании, плохом самочувствии всегда обращайтесь к врачу, не занимайтесь самолечением! На самом деле, проблема харассмента действительно существует и она достаточна серьезная. Однако, в интернет пространстве очень часто встречаются девушки, которые якобы рассказывают о том, как им тяжело в абьюзивных отношениях, но на деле, копнув глубже, оказывается что ее понимание абьюза далеко от реального значения, и то что ее партнёр не дал ей денег - не делает его абьюзером. Многие девушки не понимают что харассмент - это действительно огромная проблема, пока, к сожалению, сами не столкнуться с этим, не с тем симпатичным парнем, который сделал комплимент ее пятой точке и крикнул ей в след , что он бы ей вдул, а мерзкий потный лысый начальник , который предложил повышение интересным путем) Буллинг. Мне кажется каждый второй человек сталкивался когда-нибудь с буллингом. Я думаю самый страшный и разрушительный буллинг происходит со стороны семьи. Когда человеку говорят что он г, что его сверстники успешные, крестиком вышивают, родителям загородные дома покупают, уже третьего ребенка ждут, замуж выходят, а ты что ? Поэтому, задумывайтесь, пожалуйста! о своих словах и действиях, о том, как это отразиться на ваших близких и их психологическом здоровье. #bulliyng  #harassment  #abuse  #stopstreetharassment  #health  #mentalhealth  #stopbullying  #architecture  #vscoarchitecture  #astrakhan  #vscoastrakhan  #russia  #vscorussia  #vscogram  #monochrome  #monochromatic  #monochromeworld  #monogram  #vscomonochrome  #blackandwhite  #blackandwhitephoto 

This is not okay. We stand by the survivor of this story and all survivors period. Harassers are malicious and promote a culture of normalized assault and oppression. We do not stand by this culture. To the 40 year old predator in this story, I hope you end up where you belong. Behind bars. Location of chalk: On the Mesa by the car entrance at Beach City going toward the street light intersection. #stopstreetharassment  #stopassault 

Our September #TheWindowSexProject  Community Workshop is only two days away! Are you ready to join Michelle Hope (@mhsexpert )--Sexologist, educator and activist--in a rich dialogue? She has dedicated her career to understanding and communicating to the masses the complex intersections of various social identities: race, class, gender, and sexual orientation, through a Reproductive Justice lens. Save your spot via the link the bio! #twsp  #endSH  #endSHnyc  #stopstreetharassment  #streetharassment  #meetusonthestreet  #dance  #nyc  Image description: Michelle Hope smiles at the camera. She wears a pink sleeveless dress, complemented by a multi-strand white beaded neckline.

...walked by me, and said 'shehzadiii' in a very creepy voice. ('Princess') . . . . Firstly, i was with a trip to Kashmir with my uni. We started traveling at 11pm at night. There were 14 busses with probably hundreds of students. So we stopped at some service area at motorway, probably kallar kahar. Now i was wearing shalwar kameez and wanted to change since we were to go hiking as soon as we reach Kashmir. I wanted to change into jeans since we weren't gonna stop at any hotel first. So i got out of the bus and went to the rest room to change. When i came out, there was no one near the buses. Everyone was at the restaurants. It was around 3am at night. I was walking towards the restaurants. And this really creepy guy, walked by me, and said 'shehzadiii' in a very creepy voice. I lost it and got so mad, i screamed kuttay k bachay, sharam nahi ati tumhe at the top of my lungs . . . . #stopstreetharassment  #catcalls  #streetharassment  #stopcatcalls  #catcallingisnotacompliment  #catcallingisharassment  #MeToo  #womenharassment  #LahoreWomenHarassment  #LahoreGirls  #LahoreStreets  #Lahore  #harassment  #stopharassingwomen  #stopharassingchildren  #catcallsofnyc  #catcallsoflahore 

This is not okay. All! students! deserve! to! feel! safe! regardless! of! gender! gender expression! or! sexuality! After chalking this I talked to a group of girls wearing school uniforms and one of them said she’s had a DREAM about catcalling 😡😞 #stopstreetharassment  #chalkback  #stopharassmentinschools 

Als ich heute auf dem Weg zum nächsten Foto-Termin war, sah ich, wie jemand mit Kreide auf dem Boden schrieb - es war Lisanne. Wir kannten uns nicht, kamen aber sofort ins Gespräch. Dann las ich die Botschaft: „Ich verfolge dich jetzt schon seit 2 Km - gib mir deine Nummer!“ Der Hashtag #stopptbelästigung  ✅ erklärt worum es geht. An dieser Stelle wurde ein Mädchen mit diesen Worten angesprochen. Auf der Instagram-Seite @catcallsofhannover  posten Lisanne, Lucie und Rasmus solche Begegnungen an Orten mit den dort vorgekommenen Belästigungen! Aufmerksam machen und das Thema nicht unter den Teppich kehren - ein wirklich tolles Projekt ✅. Betroffene können sich gerne an die drei wenden. Und nun euch allen einen schönen Feierabend 🤗. . #hannover  #hannover_fotografie  #kreide  #stoppt  #belästigung  #botschaft  #hannoverlove  #ilovehannover  #lowersaxony  #lovehannover  #niedersachsen  #meinhannover  #meinniedersachsen  #hannoverliebt  #hannoverliebe  #hannoververliebt  #hannoversüdstadt  #südstadthannover  #aufmerksammachen  #hilfe  #zuhören  #streetphoto  #streetphotography  #chalkback  #stopstreetharassment  #betroffene 

I wasn't going to post for a while I forced myself to take Andre to the assisted living homes today depressed original service cat Karma has been diagnosed with leukemia and a tumor in a fluid building around his lungs we walked into the Walmart with no issues ran into 10 employees all loved Andre and wanted to pet him then when checking out and trying to leave the fat red headed lady in the background harassed me she was asking all these weird questions demanding certain things that they're not allowed shame on this lady I'm going to have to call and file a complaint when I get home being disabled is not a choice having a service animal gets us to live the fullest life !#walmartsucks  #stopstreetharassment  #shameonyouwalmart  #servicecat  #serviceanimal  #serviceanimalintraining  #disabled  #rudepeoplesuck  #knowthefacts  #ifcatsare  #sphynxkitten  #sphynxismyworld  #andresadventures  #assistantliving  #catsareserviceanimalstoo  #depression  #mentalhealthawareness  #mentalhealth  #traumaticbraininjuryawareness  #physicalhealth  #braintraumasurvivor  #braintrauma  #sphynxofflorida  #sphynxofinstagram  #sphynxofday  #pictureoftheday  #picoftheday 

Kamu bilang kita sudah setara? We’re here for you @lucintaluna  . . . #catcalling  #harassment  #stopstreetharassment  #stopstreetharassment 

Hoi allemaal, ons account is geïnspireerd door @catcallsofnyc.  Er zijn verschillende accounts over heel de wereld maar er was er nog geen van Eindhoven/Veldhoven. Vandaar dat we dit gestart zijn. Als je nageroepen bent of straatintimidatie mee hebt gemaakt in en om Eindhoven/Veldhoven stuur ons een dm met je verhaal en locatie. Wij zullen dit posten en zo proberen straatintimidatie onder de aandacht te brengen en zo hopelijk te verminderen💕 #stopstreetharassment 

#wip  What do you think? Would you wear this on a shirt or buy a print? I made this #poem  #art  using #procreate  in response to all the men I encounter on the street that tell me to #smile  on a regular basis. It’s seriously annoying to be told to “smile, pretty” or “where’s my smile at girl” #stoptellingwomentosmile  - what if I’m having a shit day? It’s not a friendly gesture dudes, it’s insulting and condescending and just one #misogynist  #microaggression  ... I don’t exist for your pleasure. I don’t smile on demand. . Before I finalize this artwork, I need some #peerfeedback  What do you think about the vibe? Too serial killer? Yes? No? I drew the artwork using #truegrittexturesupply  #debaser  coloring kit and digitally clipped and piecemealed vintage newspaper headlines. My partner thinks it looks cool but it might look too much like a serial killer letter, but that made me think it’s even more effective, like a counter to the fact that bad men use this strategy for their thrills - I too can write a threatening letter! #digitalart  #feministart  #illustration  #illustrator  #artist  #feminism  #feminist  #stopstreetharassment 

We present to you onze eigen Stop Straatintimidatie pin🤩 Zeg NEE tegen straatintimidatie! Wij zijn voor 100% een vrijwilligersorganisatie. We doen alles naast onze vaste banen en zijn afhankelijk van donaties. Door giften kunnen wij effectief campagne voeren en lobbyen. Als dank bieden we je graag bij een donatie vanaf € 7,50 onze geweldige pin aan🎁✨ YAY!! Link in bio voor meer info.

👉🏻Swipe for story 🇩🇪&🇬🇧 “I’ve been following you since 2 kms - give me your number!” #stopptbelästigung  #ankreiden  #stopstreetharassment  #chalkback  #hannover 

"i could feel the pressure and him pushing his hand" - sadly a 12 year old had to come up with this method to save herself from being harassed in public again. Swipe to read. . . . . another time, i was walking in moon market with my mom and granny. i was around 12. since it had happened to me before, i was always careful about people touching me. i was passing by this big man in a business attire, and instinctively i wrapped my arms behind my back so as to cover my bum without making it look too obvious, and he tried to touch me. luckily i had my hands over there, and even though i could feel the pressure and him pushing his hand, he couldnt get there. i didnt tell anyone but i felt happy because of how i avoided it. . . . . #stopstreetharassment  #stopcatcalls  #catcalls  #stopcatcalling  #MeToo  #womenharassment  #lahoregirls  #lahorestreets  #Lahorewomenharassment  #lahore  #catcallsoflahore  #catcallsofnyc 

"You only think you're gay, but you just need a good dick" #stopstreetharassment  #stopharassmentinschools  #stopharassment  #pride🌈  #backtoschool 

🇳🇱🇧🇪 “Hey sexy, zal ik je naar huis brengen?” • • Zoals sommigen van jullie misschien weten, bestaat @CatcallsofAms  nu uit een team! Dusss graag verwelcome ik één van onze teamleden, Margriet! Margriet is 23 jaar oud en heeft een tijdje geleden contact opgenomen met @catcallsofams.  Ze hoopt door lid te worden van het team om meer bekendheid te geven, anderen te helpen door te praten en hopelijk catcalling op de lange termijn te voorkomen.💪 • • • 🇬🇧🇺🇸 “Hey sexy, shall I take you home?” • • As some of you may know, @CatcallsofAms  excist now of a team! Sooo please welcome one of our team members, Margriet! Margriet is 23 years old and reached out to @catcallsofams  a while ago. She hopes by joining the team to raise more awareness, help others through chalking and hopefully prevent catcalling in the long run.💪 #stopcatcalling  #stopstreetharassment  #amsterdam  #iamsterdam  #catcalling  #catcallsofams 

💥Go follow @catcallsofmi  and share your story. Is there a @catcallsof  account in your city yet? #stopstreetharassment  #chalkback  Translation: hey beautiful, come to have a walk with us!

Thank you @sydmosley  for inviting me to teach a workshop this Saturday for the amazing project #TheWindowSexProject  Info below! Repost from @slmdances  THE WINDOW SEX PROJECT calls young women and gender queer folks living in Harlem to ACTION! Celebrate your body. Use your voice and movement to respond to street harassment. Fellowship with others living in your community. Harlem women and genderqueer folks ages 18-40 are invited to participate in a FREE workshop rooted in movement, discussion and healthy living. We’ll spend the day investigating the way in which our bodies are perceived in Harlem. Space is limited. Be sure to RSVP. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-window-sex-project-2019-community-workshops-tickets-68522983087 #twsp  #endSH  #endSHnyc  #stopstreetharassment  #meetusonthestreet  #dance  #ny  #bellydancernyc  #celebrateyourbody  #bellydanceworkshop  #bellydanceforlife  #bellydanceclass  #workshopforwomen 

It can be real in these streets for the young women, femmes, genderqueer, trans and nonbinary folx living in #Harlem . This is why we have to come together as a community to address the realness of #streetharassment  in Harlem, #NewYorkCity , and beyond. #SLMDances ' The Window Sex Project Community Workshops are creating space for that. Join us September 14 to uplift your voice, energize your movement and ignite your agency and action. Save your spot via the link the bio Image description: Three SLMDances company members pose, their arms outstretched wide, their bodies bent and their faces looking forward in determination. #twsp  #endSH  #endSHnyc  #stopstreetharassment  #streetharassment  #meetusonthestreet  #dance  #nyc 

Rendez-vous le samedi 19 Octobre pour la seconde édition de la SINE QUA NON RUN - Paris ! 🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏻‍♂️ . Cet événement, ouvert à toutes et tous est organisé par l’association - Tu vis ! Tu dis ! . Pourquoi la SINE QUA NON RUN ? 10km ou 6km pour se mobiliser afin de revendiquer le droit des femmes à faire du sport mais aussi à sortir, à prendre les transports où, quand et dans la tenue qu’elles veulent plus on permettra aux femmes de conquérir l’espace public et on contribuera à rendre la société plus égalitaire ! #runforwomen  #runforequality  #running  #equality  #genderequality  #sinequanonrun  #sinequanonsquad  #stopstreetharassment  #instarunfrance  #instarunparis  #running  #runningmotivation 

Queens don’t need anyone. 🙄 I’ll start chalking more when it’s less rainy my other two chalks are gone already. • • • #streetharassment  #stopstreetharassment  #catcallsofnyc  #catcallsofsaltlakecity  #women  #queens  #womenempowerment  #raiseawareness  #prettygirl  #catcalls 

This message is truly heartbreaking 💔#stopharassment  #stopstreetharassment 

💫Meet Valentina from @catcallsofmi  💫 What do you hope is the outcome of your account? I hope that the people who are catcalled stop feeling lonely. And those who do catcalling start thinking about how bad it is for people. Read the full interview, link in bio! #stopstreetharassment  #chalkback 

Wenn du in Zürich auf der Strasse belästigt oder „ge-catcalled“ wurdest, dann schicke uns deine Story via DM. Wir werden dann den beleidigenden Spruch, mit Strassenmalkreiden, an dem Ort auf die Strasse schreiben, wo du belästigt wurdest (natürlich anonym). . . #stopptbelästigung  #sexuellebelästigung  #stopstreetharassment  #chalkback  #feminism  #equality  #catcalling  #schweiz  #zurich 

@jessicakurtz  and I talk about street harassment, Forest Hills high school and why @catcallsofnyc  is important 💕 #stopstreetharassment 

🇬🇧 Swipe to see the full story in English. . 🇮🇹 Scorri per vedere la storia completa in Italiano. . 🇬🇧 ”Those fishnet stockings are sexy, you should have expected it!” • Were you ever catcalled when just trying to mind your own business? . 🇮🇹 “Quelle calze a rete sono sexy, avresti dovuto aspettartelo!” • Hai mai subito delle molestie mentre cercavi solo di farti gli affari tuoi? . . . #scratchthepatriarchy  #chalkback #catcallsofrome #feminism #feminist #activist #equality #supportallwomen #womenrights #intersectionalfeminism #stopstreetharassment #stopcatcalling #catcalling #nomeansno #itsnotacompliment #harassment #chalkback #nomeansno #streetart #femminismo #nonèuncomplimento #molestia #stopmolestieverbali #bastamolestiesessuali 

Meet our Instructor for this Saturday's #TheWindowSexProject  Community Workshop! Sira is a NYC based Middle Eastern Belly Dance performer, instructor and choreographer. In addition to performing for events and celebrations, Sira also has enjoyed taking the art of belly dance to the theater stage. Sira enjoys sharing her knowledge and expertise of this beautiful art form through dance workshops available worldwide. Are you ready to celebrate your body with belly dancing? RSVP via the link the bio #twsp  #endSH  #endSHnyc  #stopstreetharassment  #meetusonthestreet  #dance  #ny  Image description: Sira gazes softly at the camera, a slight smile on her face as her long, dark hair frames her face