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Regrann from @johnkennedyvaughan  - If we don’t break our children’s will at an early age, we point them towards their own destruction. All three of my children had a strong will that challenged me and their mother in ways we never dreamed. Breaking their strong will was difficult and sometimes didn’t feel like love. However, with each one, after seeing them surrender their will under the age of five, their lives and our family’s lives became much more joyful and much much closer. It’s possible to break a child’s will later in life - but it’s harder. If we never convince them to surrender their will, the world likely will at some point, and it will be even harder then -but never too hard for Jesus! He can and will use it all for their good starting the moment they surrender. Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.” Isaiah 54:13 “And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord and great shall be the peace of thy children.”Psalm 127:3 “Children are a gift from the Lord they are a reward from Him.” #therightfight  #yourdecision  “#yourdestiny  #shieldsofstrength  #jesus  #christ  #love  #truth  #children  #strongwilledchild  #dontbreaktheirspirit  #truth  #mercy  #forgiveness  #guidance  #livingalovinglife  - #regrann 

Everyday. Every. Single. Day. • I pray that he runs a company one day with all of this bossy-ness he brings to the table. 🤣 • How do you Mamas out there with a “strong willed” child deal? Wine? Coffee? Books? 🤣 • Thank goodness it’s the weekend! 😎

😄 #girlmom  (Via The Mom Life Uncensored on FB)

Sorta kinda just kidding...but after a day like today...well...if you have kiddos you get my meaning. Love them to pieces but as Olivia the pig’s mom so wisely says, “Olivia, I love you but you wear me out!” I’ve had time for such deep reading lately as you can see! Xoxo for all the mommas out there. #jokingnotjoking  #momhumor  #funnymom  #funnymoms  #funnymemes  #momlife  #mommemes  #momproblems  #ittakesatribe  #strongwilledchild  #parenting  #parenthood  #motherhood 

Channeling destructive behavior into something productive 💗 . . If you’ve followed me for a while, you probably know that Ariana can be a handful. She has ADHD and Oppositional Defiance Disorder, as well as Sensory struggles. She has a big personality and imagination, which is great, until it turns into destruction. She’s also fearless so it can cause her to hurt herself, on accident. . . She has broken many things, trashed many rooms, gotten hurt, hurt others, etc. I’ve found that since we’ve started gardening and composting, she has more activities to keep her busy and turn that destruction into productivity. . . In this picture, I had given her a stack of newspaper and an egg carton and asked her to tear it all up. She was so excited to be able to rip and tear it! When she was done, she put it all in the compost bin and made sure she picked up every single piece. She was completely calm and collected for about 4 hours afterward! . . Another thing that we do is let her put compost dirt around the plants and dig for worms. She loves playing in the dirt and creepy crawlers so it also helps her curiosity! . . These are just a few things that are helping us. Do you have any ideas on how to channel destruction into productivity? I’d love more ideas! 💗

God bless the strong-willed children, and God bless the parents who raise them. Solidarity. . . #momlife  #momblogger  #momboss  #momsofinstagram  #momsofinsta  #parentinglife  #strongwilledchild  #mommylove  #istillhatehashtags  #livefiercelovefree  #momgig  #sahm  #sahmlife 

Imaginative and strong-willed Ella May tries walking backwards, just to see how it feels. In her bedroom she tries reading her books backwards, and after dinner she goes backwards up to the bathroom and climbs backwards into bed. Ella’s mom decides to turn around . . . If you buy ELLA MAY DOES IT HER WAY by Mick Jackson and @andrea_stegmaier  at any participating Barnes & Noble you can get an additional favorite #backtoschool  title for only $7.99! And if you’re a Kids ‘ Club member, enjoy even more discounts! . . . #ellamaydoesitherway  #kidsbooks  #backtoschool  #kidsbookstagram  #picturebook  #childrensbook  #kidlit  #bedtimestories  #readmeastory  #beyourself  #picturebookoftheday  #backtoschoolbooks  #barnesandnoble  #littlereaders  #picturebookillustration  #readingismagic  #backtoschoolreads  #strongwilledchild  #imagination 

Raising strong girls is awesome, but dang hard work! {by @danielle.fetterhoff }

This and much more brings healing to the special need child Don’t forget to keep supporting us. 🙏 . . #strongchildren  #strongwilledchild  #exceptionalkids  #encouragethem  #trustgodsplan  #fre💪shdawn  #strongertogether  #support  #donate 

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First day of pk-3. Her Uniform wasn’t required today, but she’s been asking to wear it for over a week and she couldn’t stand to wait until tomorrow. She also told me to leave and drop her off and come back later. Needless to say, I think she’s ready for the school year! 📚 🏫 #strongwilledchild  #gochca 

I ❤️ watching my twins play. I wonder how many magical moments I missed because I was busy 😭. . Sometimes I find I need to be mindful to recognize all the good things my children do throughout the day, and it’s because it’s easier to focus on the negative. . . Let’s challenge ourselves to focus on the positive😉. #mindfulparenting  . . Make an Instagram story w one positive thing your child did yesterday, write “FOCUS ON THE POSITIVE CHALLENGE,” and tag me @highimpactclub  😊🌸💜🌸🌸 . . .

Kk- what are we going to do today? Me- nothing until you can turn your attitude around. Kk- well, if it turned around, we couldn't see it anymore moooom. ... Precisely my point.... * This girl is going to be the death of me...not only is she feisty, high energy, and bull headed, she's also smart! I need daily grace, daily patience, and wine. All of the wine 🤪 * May your coffee and your wine be stronger than your 3 year old hellion today! * I've been told Kk needs her own hashtag (also her own FB page and blog...but one step at a time! 🙃)...taking suggestions! * #threenager  #kkthegreat  #kkneedsherownhashtag  #findahashtag  #3goingon13  #diva  #strongwilledchild  #lordhelpme  #ineedgrace  #allthegrace  #andwine  #allthewine  #toobadimdetoxing  #nextthursdayimdrinkingwine 

I don’t know who needs to hear this but... Listen. Nobody knows what they’re doing. No one has it all figured out. Do your best. One foot in front of the other. One minute at a time. Social media isn’t real. You’re a great mom. You’re strong. Now give yourself a break and get a snack. 🍫🍪☕️ #momlife  #noteasy  #strongwilledchild  #needahug  #clearwaterbeach  #strongwomen  #mama  #strugglebus  #curlyhair  #curls  #girlhairstyles  #bekind  #twoyearsold  #lifequotes  #lifeisbeautiful 

This cheeky one 😍 is going to her friends house for a sleepover, apparently I'm not allowed to go too 😂. She planned her whole outfit, of course she chose blue clothes, I straightened her hair and straight away she tied it up. It'll be quieter tonight....woohoo 🤭😂😆 #mydaughter  #daughter  #thisgirl  #thisgirlcracksmeup  #mumanddaughter  #mygirl  #love  #loveis  #family  #loveher  #lovemygirl  #strongwilledchild 

“Strong willed children become adults who change the world, as long as we can hang on for the ride, and resist the temptation to tame the spirit out of them” I’ve learned many lessons in my life. Perhaps one of the most important, and one that my 3 year old teaches me daily, is to embrace life. Life, and ALL that a full life brings. It is a daily struggle raising my little scrappy, as those who know her affectionately call her. I try my absolute best to watch her, care for her & protect her, just as I do with my other 2 children. But still there are distractions. Like cleaning, cooking, doing laundry, making grocery lists, helping other kids with homework, yard work... Yesterday while I was feeding Kallai lunch and working on the grocery list, she snuck past me, went into my bathroom, went through my drawers and found my scissors. She used her sisters crafting scissors around a month ago and gave her self a trim. We’ve hidden them since. Well...unfortunately this time she gave herself a very bad mullet. I cried most of the day. One bc I felt like she had ruined her hair. And also bc I felt a little defeated. Like I had failed in so many ways. And like I had no life or meaning outside of being her mom. My good friend Andrea worked her in and literally worked a miracle. I don’t know how she managed to get such a cute cut out of what kallai had left for her to work with. After seeing how happy Kallai was with her new haircut & a good nights sleep I woke up feeling encouraged. Kallai’s beauty is not defined by her long beautiful hair. My value is not defined by how few mistakes I make or what high paying career I have . God chose me to raise this little world changer. This loving and funny little girl with this huge personality. Maybe it was so that I could teach her and pour into her. And maybe it was so she could teach me. Either way...I’m reminding myself to embrace the chaos, & not fight it. To be thankful for her strong-will and leader like qualities. I’m giving myself permission to say no to others things bc I know this little one needs all of me...& that’s ok. That’s better than ok. #KallaiNoel  #LittleScrappy  #strongwilledchild 

Imaginative and strong-willed Ella May tries walking backwards, just to see how it feels. In her bedroom she tries reading her books backwards, and after dinner she goes backwards up to the bathroom and climbs backwards into bed. Ella’s mom decides to turn around . . . If you buy ELLA MAY DOES IT HER WAY by Mick Jackson and @andrea_stegmaier  at any participating Barnes & Noble you can get an additional favorite #backtoschool  title for only $7.99! And if you’re a Kids ‘ Club member, enjoy even more discounts! . . . #ellamaydoesitherway  #kidsbooks  #backtoschool  #kidsbookstagram  #picturebook  #childrensbook  #kidlit  #bedtimestories  #readmeastory  #beyourself  #picturebookoftheday  #backtoschoolbooks  #barnesandnoble  #littlereaders  #picturebookillustration  #readingismagic  #backtoschoolreads  #strongwilledchild  #imagination 

Happy Birthday to our sweet Leightyn @lmckinley21  🎈🎀🎉you’re the girl that brings the FUN to the party, 🤣👊🏻🔥💃🏻💥can make a FACE and roll an 👁 EYE, like no one else I know- 🥺🙄🙄your sweet, 💖funny, 😂 and innovative 🧐you laugh deep, 😝love hard, 🥰and support your cousins every step of the way👊🏻🏆!! We sure adore you LeightLeights and can’t wait to see how God uses this year!! 💃🏻🎉Have an amazing birthday🎊- I love being your Nana🥰💋 #nanalovesya  #birthdaygirl  #grandaughtersarefun  #shesawildone #strongwilledchild  #crazyideascomefromher 

When your five year old never does anything the conventional way, but always has his own ideas of how things should be done . . . And yes, that is a kayak, not a paddle board. At least he has good core strength for a five year old 😊 #lakelife  #strongwilledchild  #minnesotasunset  #boyswillbeboys 

GIVEAWAY TIME! Carefree, no-drama mornings, guaranteed with these magical hanging tags! (SEE PREVIOUS POST FOR A LONG-WINDED EXPLANATION) Okay, not really, but every bit helps, right?? I'm giving away a few set of customized hanging tags for you and a friend. Winner will be contacted and asked to choose colors. Here are the rules: -Follow my page. -Comment how many children you have/sets you need. -Tag a friend who could use these in their life. One entry for each person tagged. Two entries for each friend that follows. -Optional: one additional entry for sharing the giveaway in your stories-- be sure to tag me. Giveaway ends Friday night. Tags will be shipped Monday morning.

True confession ‼️I never wanted female kids, I thought they would be difficult to raise because I honestly knew if I had a female she would be strong willed- just like me and I wasn’t ready to handle someone like me. Madam may even be more strong willed than I am but I really cannot even imagine life without her. As for the parenting a strong willed child part, I’ve left that to God and I will follow His lead all the way! She is so cute though...💕 #strongwilledchild  #2yearsold  #parentingfears  #childrenareablessing  #christianwife  #christianmum  #savedbygrace  #love  #motherhood  #africankids  #afrohair 

Real talk, I can’t believe this one will soon be the middle child! #lordhavemercy  #strongwilledchild  #daughterlove 

We’re praying that her strong will and orneriness turn into leadership skills 😂 • • • • • • #alliedee  #strongwilledchild  #jesustakethewheel  #leadership  #babygirl 

In certian lights, her hair has an orange/red tint to it. Most days she graces us with her fiery personality. This child and her attitude will be the death of me. I've no clue where this child got her personality! #TaylorSkye  #strongwilledchild  #momlife  #somedaysicantparenther  #yesterdaywasoneofthosedays  #adoseofmyownmedicine  ?

I really CANNOT believe this gorgeous girl of ours is going to be THREE next week! 😭 #pleaseslowdown 

This girl was all cheesy smiles for the 1st day of Wee School today!

When dad is a good sport and let’s you play hairstylist 🤪. “Daddy, hold still while I cut your hair”. 😂. #daddydaughter  #hairstyleoftheday  #fashionista  #astyleherown  #wildimagination  #goodsport  #embracethesedays  #beautifulgirl  #strongwilledchild  #shewillruletheworld 

This boy. He is my sour patch kid. He always has been. He used to slap my face while he was nursing, HARD, then rub my cheek right after all kinds of soft and say “Awwww”. He was my 3rd baby and the first child I ever had to deal with the terrible twos with. He has given me a run for my money and is also the sweetest little thing. He is sooo dang smart. Like, tell him something once and that’s all he needs he’ll remember it forever kinda smart. He loves to cook. He used to throw massive tantrums if he couldn’t pull up a chair to the stove and watch me cook dinner. Eventually he wanted to help. He is so much of me and my side of the family, from his quick to tan skin and his beautiful hazel eyes. He is stubborn and has a temper sometimes. And he has a hard time regulating his emotions. I have learned so much about myself and how to process my feelings by teaching him. I feel like parenting takes the worst and best parts of us, and puts them into another human so we are forced to see it in ourselves. It forces us to be humble and recognize that we don’t have it all figured out either. It makes us beam with pride when we find common interests or cute little quirks. Eventually it teaches us to give ourselves a little more grace because we are also giving it to our child. These little humans are a better reflection of ourselves, than looking in a mirror. It’s beautiful and scary and kind of a genius plan if you ask me. 🤔 Does anyone have a kiddo just like them or one that gives you a run for your money?

The level of accuracy in this post is uncanny. A mother always knows.⁣ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⁣ #boymom  #strongwilledchild  #twinstagram  #twinsofinstagram 

His favorite time of day is when the baby takes a nap, and he can have his one on one time with mommy. A couple hours with just the two of us, to do whatever he wants.

Choices are great, although, there is something far more effective for a smooth bedtime routine with our kids. . Once I take my twins for 🛀🏾 bath time, they already know there is no way back down to the living room. . I’ve done this since they were babies, and that’s how they’ve Learned when bedtime routine starts. It sets the tone for bedtime, and it triggers their brain to transition from their day activities to bedtime #parentingwithunderstanding  . . There are other things I do to ensure a smooth bedtime, and you are going to see them all in action in my latest bedtime routine YouTube video. To watch, click the link in my bio @highimpactclub  . 📌What is one tip you do to ensure a smooth bedtime with your kids? Let’s help other High Impact Parent in the comments 😉 . . .

❤️❤️ It can be hard for others to realize this. It can be a pain in the butt at the moment, but the child grows up. What kind of adult do we want them to be? I can definitely say what sort I don't want them to be! 😍🙂❤️❤️ 💓 💓 💓 #raisinggirls  #strongwilledchild  #strongwomen  #justright  #understandingbehaviour  #itsoktofeel 

Imagine Levi was as angelic as he looks in this photo 🤦🏼‍♀️ #leviayden  #myginger  #mine  #singlemomlife  #momofaboy  #whatattitude  #personalitylevel1000  #notangelic  #four  #struggles  #strongwilledchild 

It’s been quite the ride with you my boy. It feels like you’ve been around forever, when in fact it’s only been three short years. While I sometimes wonder if it will ever be easy to be your Mamma, loving you fiercely is without a doubt the easiest thing I do. Happy Birthday my sweetheart, my cuddle buddy, my cheeky clown. May you never outgrow your rolling belly laugh or your cheesy grin, may you always have that sparkle in your eye and adventurous soul ❤️ Mamma XX #raisingboys  #toddlers  #three  #hudson  #motherhoodunhinged  #parenthood  #thisisreallife  #livinghisbestlife  #sendingmegrey  #wildchild  #thestoryofmotherhood  #strongwilledchild  #happybirthday 

I never expected to send a child to school at 20 months old but I didn’t plan on living in Florida or living with #potssyndrome  either. Life has a way of rearranging your priorities, doesn’t it? This sweet girl is determined (read: stubborn), independent (read: defiant), and so curious (read: mischievous). @johncaseyturner  and I are doing our best to nurture and guide her in a way that will empower her to be a strong and brave woman but, for now, I am exhausted. I’m calling on my village, allowing those around us to contribute to her growth and development in order to take care of myself. And I’m so thankful that we can. #weloveblythemargaux  #bisforblythe  #motherhoodunplugged  #selfcare  #strongwilledchild  #postthepeople  #letthembewild  #letthembelittle  #spoonielife  #dysautonomia 

👑Today marks the beginning of an era! Maya officially moved in with her big sister Lola, and🤞she will be sleeping like a ‘big’ girl in her own new Princess bed with unicorn-themed beddings and wall decor 🌈🦄 It’s really hard to let go but I think it’s time we start to less worry about her (although nose-bleeding is still a worry) so let’s see how she goes! Another thing is, I have been teaching my children to “recycle”, i.e. let go of things they have outgrown (I sell them on FB/Schpock/eBay, some Items are donated to local charity shops). Some monies went towards the new things they need, some monies were donated to Maya’s Appeal as stated on my listings. I firmly believe, every little helps! T-H-A-N-K-Y-O-U-A-L-L for your continued love & support🙏 https://solvingkidscancer.org.uk/campaigns/maya-nash/ . . . . . . . . #mayanash  #mayanashappeal  #mayanashurgentappeal  #maya  #hopeformaya  #hope  #cureforcancer  #childhoodcancersucks  #childhoodcancersurvivor  #preventrelapse  #princess  #princessbed  #unicorn  #unicornbedroom  #unicornbedding  #rainbow  #rainbowchild  #loveyourself  #preciouschild  #neuroblastomasucks  #goawaycancer  #strongwilledchild  #livelifetothefullest  #lovelife  #breath  #haven  #comfortplace  #getonwithit 

Holy crap... I’ve been a parent for 2 weeks... and... (once again) I’m flying by the seat of my pants 🤷‍♀️ . . August 2001... looking fairly rested (lipstick ✅ because that’s what’s important for new mothers 😂)... I’ve been a parent for a couple of weeks... and honestly... a little shell shocked 😳🤱🏻 . . I have a few really great reference books (that’s right NO GOOGLE!!)... a tenant who is an expert in natural child care... and I am filtering out ALL the advice and horror stories from “the big city” an hour away 😜)... figuring it out... one step at a time 👶🏻🤯 . . It’s been over a year since I cut off all my hair... and over a year since the last time I coloured it... at 39 a sprinkling of grey... fast forward 18 years and the majority of my hair is white 🤭💩 . . Becoming @jacksondjacob  ‘s Mom IS... and continues to be... the very best thing I’ve ever done... it’s been a ride like no other 💯👌 . . Today... my kid gets his final academic clearance as an NCAA Division 1 athlete... so every white hair... white knuckle... and wrinkle has been well worth it... (and... well earned #strongwilledchild  just like his mama 😂) . . #thisisme  #aging  #2weeksin  #parenting  #truebrunette  #lipstickoftheday  #flybytheseatofyourpants  #theonlywaytofly  #raisinganathlete  #bestjobever  . . #parentinglife  #parentsofinstagram  #thisislife  #2yearstill60  #goldilocks  🙋‍♀️

Pre-School Open house..I’d say she’s ready!🍎

Why fit in when you were born to stand out. Dr.Seuss

You my sweet girl are going to be something so amazing! I can’t wait to see what all you accomplish with your strong will and determination. I just wish you didn’t use it against me so much 🤪#myminime  #justdoesntlooklikeme  #wildchild  #strongwilledchild 

Als je gevoelige zoon met faalangst tikjes na amper twee dagen oefenen met los fietsen zegt dat hij wil fietsen naar de speeltuin, dan geef je hem dat vertrouwen maar wil je ook kunnen ingrijpen. (Het mag duidelijk zijn dat ik naast geen sport bh om de boel op zijn plek te houden, ook niet goed was voorbereid op het rennen) Maar na de vakantie kan ik wel wat beweging gebruiken. 😂 #losfietsen  #zelffietsen  #zonderzijwieltjes  #runningmom  #fitmom  #grapje  #onderkin  #flubberbuik  #hspkinderen  #strongwilledchild  #trostemama  #mamablogger_nl 

Parent, before you take a privilege away think: “how would I react if my coffee ☕️ is taken away so I learn a lesson?” . . I think my husband would kill me if I took his morning coffee ☕️ away because he wasn’t being patient with the kids 😅. Children are no different, they work the same way. . What about if that toy 🧸 is the only thing that helps them self regulate? . Do I let my kids get away with disrespect? . No, I don’t. I teach them how I like to be treated, and how others like to be treated. We do “RE-DO” role play where they get a chance to do it all over again, and I apply consequences directly related to the behavior so they learn cause-effect. #parentingwithunderstanding  . . The important thing is to always remember to respond according to our children’s needs, and many times their need is our help to self regulate and express their feelings in a positive way. . The Emotional Needs Roadmap is a great FREE tool To help us parents respond according to our children’s needs so we’re not wondering what our children exactly need at the time. Click link in my bio @highimpactclub  , it will take you right to it. . You got this High Impact Parent! 🌸💜🌸💜 .

If you have a spirited child fighting you on every single request you make, please know it gets so much easier. It’s worth it! Cue Wilson Phillips, because you need to #HoldOnForOneMoreDay . Stay committed to being calm, kind and firm. Ignore the judgement from other parents with their creepy compliment children. 😏 Keep filling yourself up so you have the patience needed for this endurance race. Meditate on what is extraordinary about your little wild stallion. This picture commemorates the last time I tried taking my daughter to a dance class. I wanted her to be one of those sweet little girls in a tutu at the barre. But something set her 4 year old brain off and she raged for what felt like hours in the car, refusing to let me gently put her in her car seat. She was a wild animal - scratching and screaming. I didn’t want to resort to an angry physical struggle so I ineptly tried requesting, commanding even begging. Nothing worked as I sat there useless in the car at some dingy strip mall outside the ballet studio. Finally I quieted myself down. Just breathing for a bit telling myself, “you are ok”. Then I announced in a small friendly voice, “I’m going to see if I can skip all the way around the parking lot. Want to come with me?”. “Yes” she tearfully admitted. So we skipped holding hands and the mood between us changed. We reconnected. Eventually we skipped right back to the car. She joyfully bounded up into her car seat. Check my stories for a glimpse at her now as she prepares for her first dance class since that fiasco 11 years ago. Second times a charm!

😃💖 When parents and children are able to enjoy one another, that feels like MAGIC 🌟🌟🌟🌈✨ Is there anything proactive you can do to be a positive or respectful example for your child today to help them to alleviate worries? Can you speak in gentler tones, switch up a routine to have more fun or communicate on a deeper level? How about commending or appreciating yourself in the same way that you would your little? 💌 . Life is not about how perfect we are in each day or how much better we are than others, but how much we are connected or enjoying ourselves and the MOMENTS of time that we get to experience (even before or after a stressful situation) 🥰✨ #qualitytime  #communication  #beautyinparenting  . . . #growthmindset  #yougotthis  #selftalk  #parentinghelp  #raisingkids  #raisingteens  #parentsupport  #positiveaffirmations  #selflove  #mentalhealth  #mondaymotivation  #strongwilledchild  #toddlermom  #parentingcoach  #selfesteem  #confidence  #teenempowerment  #teachersofinstagram  #earlychildhoodeducation  #consciousparenting  #mindfulparenting  #stressedmom  #mompreneur  #sahm  #motherhoodunplugged  #momsofig  #dadlife 

Reflecting on my last three months, and the next nine that are upon us....it made me think that summer belongs to the kids, doesn't it? Rushing them to activities, providing memories for them, vacations, get-a-ways, library visits on rainy days, setting up baby sitters and juggling schedules, catching firefiles at night, smores by the fire, fixing broken goggles, applying and reapplying sunscreen, buying aloe vera because you forgot, empty fridges and cupboards, and heading to the grocery store for the third time this week, piles of shoes in your back entry, and piles of bikes in your back yard. But does it really change a whole lot once school starts? Does it slow down? It does not. It gets MORE chaotic, and MORE busy, and MORE running around, and MORE on the list. Once it is all over we will miss it, and we will want it back, and we will want to take time and grab it by the minute and hour hands and tell it to STOP. But amongst the beautiful mess did you take time to find YOU. Did you breath? Did you stop and do something for YOU? Did you remember the woman or man that you were before you were a parent? Did you reflect on your own needs? Did you do you? Did you take one minute for just yourself? I love my kids, my summers, and the school year, but I am refusing the culture shift that I can't have ME. I come first. If I come first, I can take my filled up cup of love, and pour it into my kids, my husband, my students, and my chaos and enjoy it all that much more. I have tried to FIND time for me, but that isn't possible. I've had to MAKE time for me. In the last couple weeks I have taken back my mornings. I have stopped scrolling my phone for the first 30 minutes of my day, and instead put it into myself with movement, reflection, and positive "me" time. As I sit and write this before the sun is up and the busyness of the day has hit.... I feel filled. I am ready to take on the to-do-list and the last minute summer joys. Do you need the accountability to start? Do you want help in finding a routine that involves YOU and only you? Do you want twenty stinking minutes just to call your own and establish a healthy routine that is doable for the busiest parent? The

“As for my girl, I will raise her to think she breathes fire” . . If her fire inside is as strong as it is now in 20 years, she will be unstoppable in this life. ❤️#landreelou  #loveherwild  #spirit  #wildheart  #highenergygirl  #sweetwithattitude  #strongwilledchild  #thischildofmine  #thankful  #blessed  #unstoppable  #girls  #ourfuture  #breathefire  #mygirl 

This one requested a croissant for lunch after a busy first morning back at nursery. Different teachers and new kids but she just ran straight in. New teacher said Orla kept her right. 🙈😂 #preschool  #nursery  #strongwilledchild  #doesntlackconfidenceatall 

As challenging as they are right now at times, I would not change one thing. Ella is so outgoing, funny, determined, and strong willed that I know it will help her as she gets older, we just have to learn to hold on for the ride😂. Ben is so tender hearted, sweet, and gentle, but when he gets mad, he will fight for what he wants. . Babies don't keep, so I am trying to soak them all in because as Ella says, "mama, I can't stay little, I have to get big." 🤦‍♀️🙌😥. .

Good weather calls for outdoor Play ... Play with basics #strongwilledchild  #outdoorplayground  #ropehanging 

Strong-willed children often grow into strong-willed adults who become world leaders, world shapers and world changers.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Parenting them peacefully is not only possible, it’s imperative because sowing peace in their hearts now while they are in our care will grow a future of peace later when the world is in their care.

Our FREE Online Parent Support Workshops are open to all those who care for children ages 1 - 10 with disruptive behaviors. But we have a special heart for foster and adoptive families. . . Our workshops are based on the principles of Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT), a treatment developed through UC Davis Children's Hospital and backed by 100's of studies and 40 years of research. . . Caregivers learn bonding and behavior management skills shown to transform behaviors, help heal trauma, and bring peace and warmth to the home. . . REGISTER at www.MendingHearts.Love. . . #parenting  #fostercare  #fosterfamilies  #adoptivefamily  #strongwilledchild  #tantrum  #childanxiety  #childadhd  #PCIT  #UnderstandingChildBehavior  #happyhome 

I value my time and my sanity. I’m also raising a future leader and she’s very particular about what she wears. So...instead of fighting with her this school year, I let her pick her clothes. She had so much fun in Old Navy with all the leggings and shirts! But this coat and hat are absolutely adorable! Look for some funny outfits this school year because she’s got a lot of patterns and colors that more than likely don’t go together, but I’m gonna let her do it anyway! Lol! Anyone else raising a future leader!? 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️ #minime  #backtoschool  #backtoschoolshopping  #preschool  #futureleader  #strongwilledchild  #imomsohard 

Thankful always for this purple bottle to calm my nerves + chill out my strong willed boy! Hands down one of my top 5 favorite oils I was so excited when young living added it to their kit so new oily friends can have this AMAZING bottle right from the start!

I want my daughter to grow up to be a strong woman . . I just need to be able to live with her in the meantime . . #strongwilledchild  #sass  #thisisTWO  #sendhelp  #motherdaughter 

Don't let this sweet smile fool you. She is a firecracker wrapped up in strong will. She also gives the best snuggles to anyone who needs them. #middlechild  #lovemygirl  #momlife  #strongwilledchild  #parenting  #mygirl  #motherhood 

När man är en såndär tjurig unge som knappt ska åka vagn och absolut inte ligga ner eller sova så är det tur att man har en välplacerad bygel som fångar huvudet när man förlorat kampen mot John blund 😍

Finally got this one to the pool! #secondchild .