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Ultimately, it is the mind that keeps a bond to the past, and carries its charge in the present. Our power isn’t found in changing the past or forgetting it, but in releasing the charge that the mind has created around it. . The mind intensifies the past mostly by rejecting it. Either by avoiding the emotions or thoughts when they arise, or by refusing to accept it and, without useful purpose, draining our energy wishing it were different or denying it. . The moment we allow the past to arise without fighting and wishing it were different, we begin the process of our healing by inviting the space needed for it to be processed and released. . As we bring the light of our awareness to the present moment, we can instantly dissociate with what is arising and with the charge of the past. We may still feel its heaviness and intensity, but we’re no longer reacting or making it a part of ourselves, and it has no option but to lose its strength and dissolve in the light of our presence. . We simply acknowledge it as the past, not as a part of ourselves, and create the space within to release the tension against it. This way creating room for a peaceful and still mind, which naturally dissociates us from the heaviness attached to the past and bring room for our healing. ❤️

Surrender ✨ Why hold onto, what’s not meant to be? Let it go. Surrender and know that everything is working out perfectly, FOR you. Instead of thinking of something happening TO you, get in the habit of thinking about how it’s happening FOR you. Lessons + blessings everywhere you go. What can you learn from a situation? What can you gain? What have you lost? It’s all happening just as it’s meant to. Surrender and know that everything’s going according to plan.

Everything is constantly changing, both within and outside ourselves. The more we are open to the flow of change without being attached to how things were, the easier we flow through life without filling our beings with tension in the present. . Surrendering is what allows us to move forward into what most serves us without delaying it by refusing to let go or by creating resistance within. The more we are open to accept how things are, and to flow with change, the more open we become to what is meant for us and to what can most serve our path. . To accept how things are without fighting them is what allows us to surrender. By surrendering, we can then place our attention and energy into what’s new and could serve us in a better way, instead of being attached to the old, refusing to let go of the images the mind has created. . When the mind is filled with “shoulds” it creates tension and a controlling and manipulative energy that doesn’t allow us to loosen up, and to be open to changes nor to what most serve us after all. As we open ourselves to change, we create the inner space to allow what most serves us to come without our resistance, we allow what serves us to flow without fighting it. 🙏

Resistance lowers our state of being, which keeps us connected and aligned with what we’re resisting. We resist when we hold a story in our minds that say things shouldn’t be this way. The mind becomes attached to this story and refuses to let it go, it refuses to feel peace and at ease until things return to how it wants them to be. . With a growing awareness, we can observe the resistance building within and the story associated with it. Being aware helps us reclaim our power over our state of being, we become aware that the story isn’t meant to keep us safe from what harms us by refusing it, but simply to keep us lowering our state of being, and not allowing us to move forward properly. . If there is a story in the mind that says things shouldn’t be this way, we will create inner conflict and resistance. When instead of feeding resistance by confirming the story, we choose to go inward and become aware of it, we start to remove its power. . Returning inward, we can become aware of the stories and cease to react to them as if they were true. We do not need to approve what is happening, but simply to become aware that our resistance is keeping us connected to it, and recreating it. The more peace we bring within, the more we align ourselves with the changes that support us. . When we cease to react and resist, we open space to become at ease with the moment. Being at ease brings space for a peaceful mind and an improved state of being now, serving as the foundation to walk into a brighter future, and aligning us with what most serves our well-being. 🙏

Channel your Divine creativity 🙌🏼 ▫️ We're not meant to be like everyone else. We each have a unique creativity inside that we need to tap more into in order to create our magick✨ ▫️ Drop a "😮' if this shocked you! Don't forget to follow 👉🏼 @goldenagealchemy  for more ✅ ▫️ Video by @mindset.developers  . ▫️ ✨#goldenagealchemy  ✨

#keepgoing  • dear body, i’m sorry for what i’ve done to you the last +7 years. i‘m sorry for telling you being not good enough, not beautiful enough or even worth loving. i’m sorry for restricting food you would have needed so badly, for starving, fucking up your whole system and pushing you far beyond your limits. i’m sorry for putting so much pressure on you, expecting you to be “perfect”, not trusting you and constantly trying to control you in every way possible. i’m sorry for all the negative self talk you had to listen to as a result of my bad mental health, the self hate and me being ashamed for the way you look. i’m sorry for abusing you as a coping mechanism instead of facing my true fears, insecurities, doubts and allowing all of my emotions to come up. i’m sorry for totally loosing sense of what’s healthy and what’s not, ignoring your needs instead of honoring you carrying me trough life. i’m sorry for taking you for granted and not being aware of the body i was gifted with. i’m sorry for comparing you with others instead of celebrating your uniqueness. i’m sorry for almost killing you. • these days i couldn’t be any more thankful for my struggles, staying strong and not giving up. thank you for the patience you treated me with even though i’ve done anything possible to destroy you. thank you for still providing me a home for my soul and being an embodied manifestation of my spiritual essence. i’m proud of myself for being brave enough to starting all over, meeting the darkest parts of myself, picking myself up, letting go, taking responsibility, shifting my mindset, lighting the fire inside of me again and choosing to be the creator of my life. • dear body, it’s okay not being okay sometimes. we are still in this together. a process that’s way too important and intense to be done already. but you know what? we are one. and i promise to show up day by day, let my intuition be my guide and care for myself - physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically. constantly figuring out what feels right and what doesn’t, loving you free of any conditions, avoiding extremes and finding balance within myself ⚖️ • dear body, thank you i love you ♥️

The biggest obstacle to our healing and freedom is the need to be right. It doesn’t only manifest in our relationships with others, but mostly in our relationship with this moment and with the past. The mind often refuses to accept what is here now, it craves for things to be as it had imagined or simply in a different way. This gap between what is here and what “should” be, makes us experience misery in the present, it creates tension in our bodies that neither allows us to move forward, nor to objectively see reality. . When the mind is rejecting how things are, it easily closes itself to opportunities or to improvements, as it is solely focused on believing and demanding things shouldn’t be this way. What we feel is intensified when the mind is clinging to the past or rejecting this moment, making us lose the ability to see things objectively. The moment we cease to feed the story that this moment shouldn’t be as it is, or that our past should have been different, we finally create the space that allows us to find peace and clarity in the midst of a challenge or loss. . The mind wants things to be a certain way, it believes it is right, and that the moment is wrong as it is. But what it’s doing is to simply create conflict within ourselves and with this moment. . As we become aware of the story that implies things shouldn’t be this way, we can consciously stop feeding it, and simply allow and embrace how things are. By doing it, we open ourselves again to what life is doing. We release the resistance and tension in our minds and bodies, to clearly see again and be open to the possibilities that better serve us ahead. The moment we give up the need for things to be a certain way, and make peace with what is, is the moment we allow everything to transform and flow our way. 🙏

Every time life slowed me down it was like an arrow being pulled back ♥️ I’m excited for what’s to come after this, feeling like it’s a preparation phase. We might not choose every challenge and lesson consciously, but we can trust that everything always happens for us... #surrendering 

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Meditating with this little guy! He knows how to surrender and let go ❤️#meditation  #letgo  #surrendering  #dogsareagirlsbestfriend  #dogslife  #calmingblanket 

Full moons are perfect for doing any cleansing and releasing old energies. How did you spend your full moon last night? #fullmoon  #strawberryfullmoon  #fullmooninsaggitarius  #fullmoonrituals  #releasing  #surrendering  #spiritualhealing  #letgo  #prayer  #healing  #instafullmoon 

#GMAT  시험에 나올 필수 영어 단어들을 모아둔 무료 어플입니다. 다른 영단어 어플에는 없는 푸시 알림 기능도 있어 단어 암기에 큰 도움이 될 겁니다.👍👍 한 번 꼭 다운 받아보세요 🙇🏻‍♂️🙇🏻‍♂️ #구글  https://bit.ly/google_gmat_voca #애플  https://bit.ly/gmat_voca #영어기초공부  #영어어플  #단어어플  #영어잘하고싶다  #단어  #어플  #unceasing  #끊임없는  unceasing efforts #노력  #동의어  : #ceaseless  #continuous  #eternal  #persistent  #never -ending #perpetual  #unending  #uninterrupted  #unyielding  #continual  #relentless  #endless  #반의어  : #broken  #yielding  #surrendering  terminable brief stopping finished ending ceasing transient temporary ephemeral interrupted intermittent halting discontinuous occasional infrequent completed

#GMAT  시험에 나올 필수 영어 단어들을 모아둔 무료 어플입니다. 다른 영단어 어플에는 없는 푸시 알림 기능도 있어 단어 암기에 큰 도움이 될 겁니다.👍👍 한 번 꼭 다운 받아보세요 🙇🏻‍♂️🙇🏻‍♂️ #구글  https://bit.ly/google_gmat_voca #애플  https://bit.ly/gmat_voca #영단어  #단어장  #영문  #영어공부  #영어어플  #영어문법  #unabated  #세력  #활기  The rain continued unabated. #비 #계속  #조금  #동의어  : #unrelenting  #tenacious  #punishing  #unflagging  #persistent  #incessant  #unremitting  #sustained  #nonstop  #unstoppable  #반의어  : #yielding  #surrendering  relenting intermittent

"Feeling my way thru the darkness" love the @avicii  tune I remember listening to it over n over when I lived in Victoria. We were sorting our plans to move to Courtenay, when I was with my x he got offered a position: to manage @harmonic_arts  and I just didn't know ..Doubt filled me from different directions, including having to transfer for my work. I worked for @shaw  at the time. It was my first "real job" outside acting work, doing massage treatments since I'm a graduate of VSBM 2012 (which now has a different name) and various other inconsistent artsy gigs. SO I had a lot of doubt, but a lot of that energy filled with excitement too. You see I've been a boho Gypsy spirit my whole life my spirit roams and takes me ..it guides me! I use to fight it.. but now I just know this is "me" my journey. I make mistakes, imperfectly perfect as @brenebrown  says. I speak my mind, sometimes too loud: but my spirit is free and wild with its own divine time. .and that's not me, but something greater than the "me" bigger, stronger, wiser and I fully embrace it now. It's not about health, per se ..it's about living an authentic life and surrending to the now with courage to embrace ones own path within the collective ✨what is healthier than that?! I love that @johnlennonofficial  quote "life is what happens to you while your busy making other plans." I'm totally feeling this: especially over this Sagittarius full moon ♐️🌕✨ U? ..feeling anything more intense than usual, over this Sagittarius full moon? ..what about the tides? ..ps like my new shirt from @wreckbeach  #wreckbeach  #freespirit  #gypsywarrior  #omsgurl  #feelingthefullmoon  #boho  #hippieheart  #yogi  #freespirit  #artist  #artistsoninstagram  #yvrnutritionist  #amberearrings  #nosering  #sagittariusfullmoon  #divinelove  #lookingback  #eyesfordays  #surrendering  #beachhair  #moonchild  #mystic  #magick  #gowiththeflow  #trusting  #embracingit  #courage  #thejourney  #authenticlife 

We had such a powerful group meditation for the Full Moon and Equinox. At the end of the group meditation I asked the moon: what do we need to know about what we just released? Shiva Lingam (alchemical union) was our message💎♥️ ▫️ The Shiva Lingam symbolizes uniting dualities and manifesting with our creative force. Unifying dualities means uniting your strengths and weaknesses. For example, if you are not good at communicating (that's your weakness) complement it with a strength that you have. So you can do something (if acting is your strength) that expresses what you want to communicate. Remember, we are no longer living in a world of duality: good and bad or negative and positive. In 2012 when we entered the shift in consciousness, we entered a new paradigm of Oneness. Where there is no good or bad - everything is one in unison. So you must accept your weaknesses because when you embrace them, you will become whole and unconditionally accept yourself. When you unconditionally accept yourself, you gain freedom and power. The message also relates to being compassionate with yourself to heal. So remember to take your time and do not judge yourself for your weaknesses. A Shiva Lingam is produced from the tumbling waters. Life shapes you in the same way, so go with the flow. If you were hurt or abused, be compassionate with yourself to create healing on all levels. Cut ties where appropriate (remove toxic people from your life). Everything passes. Have a wonderful full moon ✨🌙✨ #goldenagealchemy 

Happy happy Monday Furaha Beings!!! I hope you had a splendid weekend. Mine was very contemplative. I knew before hand that I had some sound healing sessions booked up. Being in service is such an honourable experience for me and I always want to present my best self so that my clients can experience their best self. My intuition led me to a lot of spend time in nature. I hugged several trees and talked to many birds. When I surrendered to the flow of the universe, I was pleasantly surprised by how the universe responded back. Tonight as we celebrate the Sagittarius ♐️ Full Moon, I am loving the synchronicity its been echoing in my life. I am so so very grateful and happy! Happy Strawberry Moon 🌝:May you keep an open mind to the new adventures life is currently offering you while keeping yourself from overdoing or over idealizing the result. Can’t wait to have a full on singing bowl meditation session later. #furahabeing 

Ultimately, it is the mind that keeps a bond to the past, and carries its charge in the present. Our power isn’t found in changing the past or forgetting it, but in releasing the charge that the mind has created around it. . The mind intensifies the past mostly by rejecting it. Either by avoiding the emotions or thoughts when they arise, or by refusing to accept it and, without useful purpose, draining our energy wishing it were different or denying it. . The moment we allow the past to arise without fighting and wishing it were different, we begin the process of our healing by inviting the space needed for it to be processed and released. . As we bring the light of our awareness to the present moment, we can instantly dissociate with what is arising and with the charge of the past. We may still feel its heaviness and intensity, but we’re no longer reacting or making it a part of ourselves, and it has no option but to lose its strength and dissolve in the light of our presence. . We simply acknowledge it as the past, not as a part of ourselves, and create the space within to release the tension against it. This way creating room for a peaceful and still mind, which naturally dissociates us from the heaviness attached to the past and bring room for our healing. ❤️

• In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you. #DeepakChopra 

Unfolding is one of my favorite words. It's about allowing and sitting in a place of uncertainty and openness. It’s a feminine quality, asking you to observe and be receptive to new thoughts, as well as the people, opportunities and encounters that materialize. ⁣ ::⁣ Unfolding is not about making it happen, it's about watching what happens spontaneously because of choices and changes you’ve chosen to make. ⁣ ::⁣ Rather than pushing hard and doing whatever it takes to make the choice happen, you tune into your intention and intuitive nudges, and follow the breadcrumbs, trusting your next steps will become apparent as you go. ⁣ ::⁣ In the space of unfolding, your most important tool is your surrender, not your to-do list. ⁣ ::⁣ ::⁣ #unfolding  #surrendering  #lettinggoishard  #wisdomquotes  #wisdomquote  #consciouslife  #liveintentionally  #makeachoice  #personalchoice  #simplereminders 

Good day! Self care is essential for our ongoing well being. Even when I have oodles to.do, #surrendering  into taking a little time, even if it is just s moment, to do the things that bring me heartgasms changes the whole tone of my day/week.. For me that is plants and beads. How about you? All of these beads are available at Theartoblivion.com currently. #oblivionbeads  #oblivionart  #ohmsurrender  #selfcaremoments  #plants  #takecare 

I have hard time estimating if Selma is getting #dethroned  or if it has already happened. She looks like #surrendering  but then fights back. Elliot keeps his cool, looking almost #arrogant . Just in case, if you wondered why we need to #vacuum  so often. 🐱⚔️😼 #catfight  #nature 

Meditation Altar, hand carved in Limestone. I applied a"shot sawn" finish to the top surface, one of my favorite textures in Limestone. 36"I x 20"w x 3"I. #reflection  #meditation  #prayer  #offerings  #well -being #wellness  #mentalhealth  #calm  #quiet  #peace  #holistic  #ceremonies  #tea  #space  #room  #essentialoils  #texture  #surrendering  #stone  #stonecarving  #sculpture  #incense  #interiors  #interiordesign  #interiorstyling  #yoga  #spirit  #cleanliving  #breathe  #matcha 

i was up in the wee hours #grinding  it ‘all’ out, as I do. #surrendering  to the #alchemy  of some new #refinement . The thoughts, words, deeds. Fine tuning, unwinding any tautness in the #heart  strings that might prevent a more beautiful song, or give bitter taste, or render irreparable a broken wing. It’s no toil, this grind - but rather a willing and gorgeous #submission  to a #creative  in-#process  imperative under direction of faultless Hand , given over to The Divine Potentate. One of the kinetic activities in which I am able to #surrender  to this Flow, this River, and busy my #body  and #senses  to allow an unfettered #download , is #cooking , evidenced here by this early #morning  #sunflower  seed ‘tahini’ . What is one of your #kinetic  #embodied  #flow  processes that tunes your ear to the #Divine ?

Be kind to yourself Be kind in your thoughts Be kind to yourself with the foods you eat Be kind in your actions Be kind in the words you speak of yourself Be kind in how you move your body Be kind in what you put on your body Be kind in who you surround yourself with Be kind with what you demand of yourself And be kind with yourself in where you are right now in your life.

ME....walking away from all the things that no longer serve me like.....👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻 #goddess  #fullmoon  #epicpicture  #pinterest  #lettinggo  #surrendering  #fullmoonritual  #crystals 

🌓✨ “ I let go of what is no longer in alignment with my hearts truest desires. I create space for universal miracles to flow. I am connected in mind,body & soul. I move through life with gratitude & ease. I am awake, seeing fully my light & my shadows. I am aware. I am open. I choose my path forward. My intentions are felt & heard. I am divinely guided in all that I do. I am blessed. I am thankful. Thank you 🙏🏼✨☀️💜🌓” . . #affirmations  #fullmoon  #moonhealing  #lettinggo  #junemoon  #selfreflection  #breathe  #purposeful  #motherearth  #manifestinglight  #lightworker  #love  #healing  #grateful  #openhearts  #moon  #surrendering  #moonlight  #dreaming  #thebeliefproject 

Make love with the gift of being alive! Be grateful for being called into existence and for the honor of being of service. Tap into everything that Inspires and Excites you the most and paste it onto every single bit of you being alive. 😍🥰💞💕💖 Just do it, follow your passion, inhale the breath of excitement into all that you do, all that you see, all that You Are!!! 😍😍😍😍 I Love You for that! 😊😊😊😊🤗 . . . . #theartofvanjo  #permeathing  #beautifullestsoul 

A small reminder to remember this.. 💪🏽

You don’t need to earn happiness or peace or love. It’s all within you. The hardest thing to grasp is that it comes from within. You being you, you as you are right now, nothing else is needed for you to experience love, peace & happiness. “I choose happiness & peace & love” Carry this with you this week and see how things shift for you. Every moment you choose. Choose happiness. Choose peace. Choose love. You deserve it ❤️

. I never knew That I would find In my darkest times Through raging fires During my worst moments While I was giving up Your radical Love . All these years You have been waiting for me Without force With so much patience Understanding that I needed To bring myself to You Willingly . And here I am Heart all laid down Surrendering all Asking You to take everything What was important And teach me to be quiet Rest in Your silence . . . #feeling  #feelings  #thought  #thoughts  #love  #godslove  #unconditionallove  #jesus  #godislove  #mylove  #myheart  #pray  #prayer  #life  #mylife  #mylifewanted  #beinghuman  #silent  #rest  #loved  #lovedbyhim  #takemyheart  #surrender  #surrendering  #poem  #poems 

Our App: bit.ly/gmatverbalapp Try Selecting the Synonym for #Obstinate  #Pliant  #Surrendering  #Yielding  #Recalcitrant  #Answer  : #Recalcitrant 

#whitebuffalo  #prayers  connecting with the #iam  #theone  spirit ✨the bounty of all #goodthings  #poweroflove  fueling the engine of life 👁💕 like begets like so I think this one is really about #surrendering  to #allthatyouare  and seeing the best and the multifaceted luxury of the whole shebang #sendinglove  cuz #youarebeautiful  and #weareone🙂✨ #painter  #painting  in #highvibration  #folkart  #outsiderart  acrylic on plyboard 24" by "21 #boopthesnoot  🤓

Another France Surrendering Meme ‌‌‌‌ ‌‌ ‌‌ by u/DiePinkPanzer #meme  #memes  #dankmeme  #prime  #funny  #joke  #reddit  #edgymeme  #lol  #lmao  #reddit  #Another  #France  #Surrendering  #Meme  #DiePinkPanzer  #HistoryMemes 

. Surrendering to the rhythm. May that shows desire& impatientness. May that shows hope& trust. May that shows calmness& clearity. . Anyway.. It's all there, the right moment, the right time which leads us to the right understanding. The understanding of which pattern we are following. . As every rhythm has it's on page, what about surrender& follow. . #surrendering  #lifegrowing  #trust  #confident  #thankful  #relaxing  #holidayvibe  #sunshine  #beach  #island  #islandlive  #yoga  #yogamind  #kohphanang  #thailand 

Ne craignez pas d'être lents, craignez seulement d'être à l'arrêt ~ proverbe chinois. . Retrouvons nous demain dès 7h pour une semaine complète cette fois ci! 🤟🏽YASSS 🤟🏽! . Donc Mysores du lundi au samedi 🎊 aux horaires habituels! (Beginners session tous les mardis 7-8.30 😎) . Puis, je donne le tempo ce VENDREDI 21/06 pour une pratique guidée avec le compte traditionnel et le rythme de la cadence... 🎵 🎶 . . Je vous attends nombreux mes amis @mysorepracticeinparis  . ⚠️ Rappelez vous j’ouvre le bal à 7.10 pétante comme d’habitude 👮‍♀️ . . #ashtanga #ashtangayoga #ashtangalovers #ashtangalove #yoga #yogainparis #ledclass #mysore #mysorepractice #mysoreyoga #dedication #commitment #surrendering #love #kpjayi #motivation #ashtangacommunity #paris #practiceandalliscoming #practicepracticepractice 

Durante mucho tiempo estuve resistiéndose a ciertas situaciones que se daban en mi vida. Ideas preconcebidas de cómo tenían que ser las cosas, expectativas hacia mi trabajo, relaciones personales e incluso el estado físico de mi casa . En realidad todas estas exigencias eran una de las formas en las que mi ego buscaba acaparar mi atención . Nunca fui capaz de alcanzar los deseos de mi ego. Siempre faltaba algo algún detalle o surgía algo nuevo . Las voces del ego nunca podrán llevarnos a la plenitud o felicidad. El ego siempre necesitará "más y mejor" . Acepta lo que es como completo. Únete a la no resistencia #meditation  #surrendering  #noresistencia  #mindfulness  #ahora  #thepowerofnow  #meditar  #liberatedelego  #lessego 

SAVASANA after 1 hr Hatha Yoga outdoor, by the beach, inhaling the wind, exhaling CO2... ૐ Savasana said to be one of the most important asanas in yoga. Laying there, surrendering all, letting prana (life force) run through the body, is - or can be - pure bliss ♥️ ૐ Experiencing this in unity, 50+ people together, raises the energy profoundly. We lean into each other’s parasympathetic nervous system, and lots of oxytocin’s released. ૐ Bless these summer Sundays. #sevayogalove  #freeyoga  #yogalife  #now  #outdooryoga  #seva  #givingback  #savasana  #postasanapractice  #parasympathetic  #unity  #surrendering  #prana  #lifeforce  #gratefulness 

Deep life lessons from #gaiamorrissette  the #nudist  on “My Orgasmic Life” . Gaia shares her Deep awareness about how important it is to #adapt .. If you truly want joy let go of control. How she conquered the mosquitoes and was still able to enjoy being naked outside this weekend, in the middle of mosquito season. When we can let go of our attachment to the out come we allow space for even better possibilities to come into our lives. Join My Orgasmic Life Podcast https://www.spreaker.com/show/my-orgasmic-life Visit Gaia https://www.succulentliving.com/ for all of your coaching and online education and awakening.

One more day until my first exam 😱 As you have seen on my story I spent most of my last two weeks studying for my upcoming exams and I can’t believe that the first one already starts tomorrow! I’m really glad about that though because that means it’s halftime for me which means in two more weeks this exam phase will already be over. . For me, this exam phase was so much easier then the last one. Even though there is more to learn I am at peace with myself this time and that makes an enormous difference in any situation. I have learned to let go and to surrender to the situation to get the most out of my study time and so far I am proud of myself for how much I have accomplished. . Are you still in school/college/uni? . 📸 by @itsannamarias  #ConsciousWithCarolin  . #unidays #studying #collegegirls #spirituality #surrendering #innerpeace #soulguidance #mentalhealth #anajohnson #carmushka #franziskaelea #konfettiwunder_ #sellis_view #selfhelp #selflove #selfcare 

Love Dr. Joe Dispenza! He explains so beautifully how powerful meditation is for your brain! 🤯. . If you’ve not read any of his books, do yourself a favor and pick up Becoming Supernatural. Phenomenal. I’ve read it twice and it’s one of my very favorites. I had the opportunity to hear him speak a few months ago and he was incredible. 🙌🏻. . . Repost @drjoedispenza  . . When you embrace an emotion ahead of the actual experience in your environment, you're signaling the gene ahead of the environment and your gene begins to change your protein expression, which means you've literally become the very person you want to be🧬⁣ . . My research team and I found that in just four days of regular meditation during an advanced retreat, the gene for neurogenesis—that’s the growth of new neurons in response to novel experiences and learning—was activated. . What we now know empirically is that no matter how much time you put in, just like exercise, meditation is a practice—the more you do it, the better you get at it, and just as if you were training to get in shape, ten minutes is better than no minutes. So why not grow your brain so that you have more of the very raw materials in your brain to create, invent, dream, learn, remember, and improve your mind and awareness? . . . . #becomingsupernatural  #drjoedispenza 

Okok, I surrender! Then the spine goes “click click clack!” #namaste🙏  #yogadaily  #surrendering  #stretchandfold  #strongereveryday💪 

Surrendering and Forgiveness: it's essential in the process of moving on & growth. Often forgiving ourselves is the hardest part. If we give ourselves the permission to be human, then with Grace and Humility we can free ourselves from the burden of being perfect. 🦋 🌹 I think the key is not expecting everything to be perfect. To accept & be grateful for life as it is, for the hard times and the good times. And to actively seek out the positives in any situation. 🌹 🦋 With thanks and praise to the Lord, Amen 🛐 Namaste 🙏 🌹 🦋 #faith  #hope  #love  #spirituality  #humanity  #humans  #optimism  #positivity  #forgiveness  #surrendering  #universe  #kindness  #selflove  #gratitude  #lifequotes 

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Fair warning! Being an empath is both a gift and curse. It is who I am and I will honor it and work in partner with it. The resistance ends now, I surrender to it and I am looking to know this part of me better. #empath  #surrendering  #awakening  #learn  #woke  #awaken  #workinprogress  #spirtualawakening 

Sometimes a part of us must die before another part can come to life. Even though this is a natural and necessary part of our growth, it is often painful or, if we don't realize what's happening, confusing and disorienting. In fact, confusion and disorientation are often the messengers that tell us a shift is taking place within us. These shifts happen throughout the lives of all humans, as we move from infancy to childhood to adolescence and beyond. With each transition from one phase to another, we find ourselves saying good-bye to an old friend, the identity that we formed in order to move through that particular time. We form these identities in relationships or jobs, and when we shift those areas of our life become unsettled. Usually, if we take the time to look into the changing surface of things, we will find that a shift is taking place within us. For example, we may go through one whole chapter of our lives creating a protective shell around ourselves because we need it in order to heal from some early trauma. One day, though, we may find ourselves feeling confined and restless, wanting to move outside the shelter we needed for so long the new part of ourselves cannot be born within the confines of the shell our old self needed to survive. We may feel a strange mixture of exhilaration and sadness as we say good-bye to a part of ourselves that is dying and make way for a whole new identity to emerge in its place. We may find inspiration in working with the image of an animal who molts or sheds in order to make way for new skin, fur, or feathers to emerge. For example, keeping a duck feather, or some other symbol of transformation, can remind us that death and rebirth are simply nature's way of evolving. We can surrender to this process, letting go of our past self with great love and gratitude, and welcoming the new with an open mind and heart, ready for our next phase of life. #acceptchange  #change  #rebirth  #surrendering  #changeisgood  #newthings  #newbeginnings  #outwiththeold  #openheart  #openmind  #picturehasnothingtodowithcaption  #changes  #timeforachange  #offseason  #booty  #bootygains  #timetorebuild  #timetoselfreflect  #selfreflection  #selflove 

Weekend vybes with easy breezy tops in linen and cotton. Available in store . Web update ASAP or in real terms as soon as the tech gods allow 🤦‍♀️. #whosrulingwho  #saywhat  #surrendering  #linenlove  #breathe  #shoplife  #ootbgals 

If only we were unafraid of change and surrendered to each moment. ⁣ ⁣ Perhaps we would see the roads which lay ahead instead of witnessing life through dirtied lens stained with the colours of our past. ⁣ ⁣ Some of us cling to a narrative of how things are supposed to be⁣ an ideal stowed in our heads⁣ rosily retrospecting on roads travelled long before⁣ disproportionately comparing and failing to see the blessings present...⁣ ⁣ Right here. Right now. ⁣ ⁣ Before long we'll look back at this said road triggered through a memory, a photograph or the celebration of yet another age and we will ache...⁣ ⁣ we will ache for missed turns⁣ the tales we may have told⁣ the adventures we may have ventured and the loves we may have loved....⁣ ⁣ If only we were unafraid of change and surrendered to each moment.

❤️ To whoever wrote this, I love it!

There is a level of existence where I'm in a constant touch with the beating of Your Heart. Where I can see you only as who you truly are. Where I can see you only as pure as you are, without all the added layers of you feeling less than absolutely magnificient. My deepest desire is to Connect you directly with that version of You. In that "place" I keep my heart wired to the experience of You feeling "not being good enough" or "not being there yet", feeling unworhty, being unable to recognize your full potential, or your true nature. I can tap into that level anytime I hear a silent call of Infinite Love wanting to get reflected within You. For reasons that are beyond and before any words, I can serve as a Connector of You with the Magic of You. I serve to inhale the infinity of Love into every cell of Your being. I serve to Love you on so many different levels, to Inspire you to try different approaches of self acceptance through all the wonderful ways of how I see You. To Inspire and show you the way which you will follow with your own curiousity and intuition until every trauma, pain or misalignment is healed and recovered. I serve to Love You into complete self Love. ♥️ I serve to remind you that YOU ARE all that you have ever needed!♥️🤗😍😇 . . . . . . #theartofvanjo  #permeathing 

I had the perfect health storm when I went down back in 2013. I’ve since learned all about it and heard it from every health professional I’ve seen. It’s not so rare and can happen to ”healthy”, strong people! 🙋🏼‍♀️. . To me, the perfect health storm is when several factors are present and simultaneously go awry to create serious health problems. Often times, you reach a tipping point. The tipping point, in combination with 1-5 below, can also be preceded by an “event” such as surgery 🙋🏼‍♀️, or other stressful life events. What factors can contribute to the perfect HEALTH STORM? 1️⃣ TOXIC LOAD - heavy metals, environmental toxins from food, personal care & cleaning products, etc. 2️⃣ GENETIC SUSCEPTIBILITY - such as your methylation pathways & your bodies ability to detoxify properly. This is a big contributing factor to the health storm. . Do you know your genetics & how well you detoxify? Remember though, just because you have certain genes - it DOES NOT mean they will express! See 3, 1, 4 & 5. . 3️⃣ STRESS - emotional & physical stress. Stress weakens just about every system in your body. Stress combined with a heavy metal and toxin burden further weakens your body - which then also allows for overgrowth of bad bacteria, candida and viruses. 4️⃣ VIRAL and BACTERIAL load - EBV? And many others. . 5️⃣ TRAUMAS - emotional trauma blocks the flow of energy through your body. The proper flow of energy is at the root of good health. These are just a few, but are certainly not limited to this list. WHAT TO DO? Knowledge is POWER! Be PROACTIVE! Read my previous posts! 😊 De-stress & learn MINDFULNESS skills. EAT HEALTHY foods! Spend time in NATURE! . Get restorative sleep & limit EMF’s! . DETOXIFY with proper supplements & use ORGANIC as much as you can! Learn your GENETICS to optimize your supplements. . Heal the ROOT CAUSE of health problems instead of symptom management. . Clear ENERGETIC blocks & process any trauma. . Give & receive LOVE! . RELEASE fear! . Live AUTHENTICALLY. . SURRENDER and trust the process. . MEDITATE! . Strengthen you ANS and your vagus nerve. . Walk, do yoga or tai chi. . Do things you love and that bring you joy. 💛😊✨ . . . .

Spirit is holding space for us here! I would love to see you there, let’s expand our energies and get in tuned with the Universe within 🙏🏾✨💫 Ori’s Spiritual Experience Meditative Yoga Saturday, June 22nd 1PM-2PM📍@communitycenter729  Hosted by: @evolvingori  | Sponsored by: @wtf.gvng  Entry: $10 _ DM for more info #yoga  #spritualgrowth  #surrendering  #spiritualexperience  #ascension  #spiritualjourney  #selflove  #meditation  #healing 

We are always being supported beyond what we imagine is possible. The Universe has our back 💫💫💫 . . . . .. . #universehasyourback  #innerjourney  #surrendering  #selflove  #healthandwellbeing  #artofallowing  #natureshealing  #lawofattraction  #vibration  #healingenergy  #expansion  #breathwork  #breathworksydney  #bodywork  @rhythm_of_breath 

When I look at you I’m always taken back. Like I didn’t see this transformation happen right before my eyes. I’ll just accept you as the wonderful piece of art that’s you, a beautiful work in progress, that’s what you are. #selflove  #growth  #blackgirlmagic  #spirit  #locs  #locslove  #naturalhair  #blackart  #art  #loveyoursef  #blacklove  #channeling  #surrendering  #evolving  #evolvingori  #orimoment  #orilove  #om 

In releasing, letting go of something, or surrendering, there can be a sense of both loss, and relief, and a period of transition. And even when we know that it’s necessary, it can still hurt. . And in dreaming something and actioning it, in setting intentions and goals, there can be a sense of fear, and exhilaration, and a period of transition. And even when we know we want something, parts of us can still resist. . Life demands of us that we draw in, and release, draw in and release. Our breath is our gateway to the universe. Each cycle is an opportunity to bring something new closer, and to let go of something that no longer serves us. It sounds easy to be present in, but it isn’t. To steady ourselves so we feel stable in the flow of all things, is challenging. . But there’s this divine sense of bliss, that wraps around particular moments, reminding us of all we are a part. And it reveals itself in the long sighs out, where our shoulders drop, and our breath feels strong and deliberate. And it reveals itself in the intentional breaths in, where we invite something, create space, and dare to ask for more. . So the simple action of breathing in, and breathing out - just as you are doing now - is an opportunity. It’s an opportunity to focus your attention, to invite in, and to let go. And whatever arises through this process, no matter how uncomfortable, all you must do, is breathe again. . . . . :: . . . . Art: @hvalor  . #wildlikethesea  #mindbodyspirit  #spiritualecology  #interconnectedness  #wildfeminine  #breathmedicine  #selfhealing  ______________________________________________________::

I was walking along the foreshore down at Safety Beach the other day and I turned my attention towards the sand beneath my feet. I find that one of the trickiest areas to navigate in life is the balance between force and flow. How do we know when to go with what is naturally occurring and when to apply our effort? What is the relationship between effort and surrender? But if I think about nature, she is certainly in a state of pure surrender. As I watched the sand I could not help but think about how amazing it is. The sand is subject to constant force. Just as it comes to rest, the water comes through again to whip the grains back and forth, in and out of the sea. Again and again and again. Nature just is. Nature is just a tapestry of force with no beginning and no end. Its just an infinite flow, requiring nothing more than pure surrender. Nature is the perfect balance between effort and surrender. Nature knows how to heal itself, so do we. If only we could truly acknowledge and embody this! If in every moment, we just intuitively knew that everything was in the right place, we don’t need to worry about what is yet to come, we can just sit back and enjoy the ride. So here’s my invitation for you: LET GO of your fears of the future, let go of the controlling energy that holds you back. FOCUS on the positive, FOCUS on your TRUE ESSENCE, embody it. You will be safe. The universe always unfolds as it should. Everything is exactly the way it is supposed to be right now!

What would your life be like if you only did what was easy? I bet you’re already thinking “ya life would be easy if I didn’t have to work, if I had more money, if I had less stress, if I ....”. That’s the thing though, your mind/ego makes you think things can only be easy if... But that’s where so many lose out on the magic of life. Nothing needs to shift but your perspective. When that inner shift happens then your outer world shifts. Now ask yourself again “what would my life look like if I only did what was easy”. What feels light in your body when you think of it? That’s ease, that’s what you should be doing. Where are you overcomplicating things? This is a habit of SO many, they make life more stressful that it needs to be. Sink into what your life would be like if you only did what was easy (or better put, what makes you feel ease) this weekend and begin to let go of anything that doesn’t fit anymore. Wanna know some ways people make things harder than they need to be? *their appearance/ how they look/what they’re wearing *decisions - overwhelming themselves with options and every ‘what if’ *relationships- overgiving, feeling drained by drama/gossiping *time- busyness is a thing, ‘I have no time’ is everyone’s mantra but it doesn’t have to be I’ve given you a glimpse into where you can bring more ease to your life. Now it’s up to you to ALLOW the ease in!

#애플  https://bit.ly/sooneungvoca #영문  #수능  #수능어플  #수능일  #절대평가  #어플  #dogged  #완강  dogged determination/persistence #완강  #투지  #고집  #동의어  : #tenacious  #stubborn  #unshakable  #steadfast  #indefatigable  #resolute  #unflagging  #hard -nosed #unyielding  #staunch  #single -minded #relentless  #반의어  : #yielding  #weak  #surrendering  irresolute unreliable

Once we step out of the reactive mode and come into presence, we will often and more easily find that the resistance we place against what is happening is not moving us closer to a change, but hindering its possibility to happen. By bringing awareness within we can realize that bringing frustration or indignation to a situation, to others or to ourselves, doesn’t really align us with the right actions or words, nor with the right energy to positively transform our situation. . When we place our focus within, and have the wisdom to stop opposing the flow of life, we stop recreating the tension and conflict within which bring us out of alignment and prevent us from healing and growing, and from transforming our situation. . When our actions come from a place of negativity and resistance, they’re more likely to recreate more of the same. By bringing attention within, we can choose to align ourselves with an improved state of being, and to bring about a change from a place of harmony instead. . Our inner world transforms as we stop judging, condemning and rejecting ourselves and what we feel, as well as our current situation. The more we bring compassion and acceptance to what we feel and to what we’re experiencing, the more space we open to let go of resistance, and to bring us into alignment with the changes that truly support our well-being and the greater good of all. 🙏

What image does the word 'ritual' conjur up for you? How about 'harvest festival'? Do you mark the winter and summer solstices as they pass?⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Even though most of us are far removed from the season ceremonies that used to dot the lives of our ancestors for thousands of years, we can still appreciate the social cohesion and stability provided by those events.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ The turning of the seasons and the great religious festivals all call for ceremony - they are opportunities for us to renew our relationship to the Source of Life and to the rhythms of nature. They connect us to the greater round of creation, the universal pattern of birth, growth, fullness, death and decay.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Rekindle your connection to these ancient traditions in a circle of open hearted women for this Winter Solstice. Together we will share an enriching workshop where dance and ritual open a gateway to self reflection and nourishing replenishment. >> if your in the area check out the details in my bio >> ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Otherwise, if you can't join me - which for many of you around the world is the case - then tell me how will you mark this time of reflection and introspection as the we greet the shortest day of the year? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 🔻🔻🔻🔻 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 📸@luxiernaga ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #wintersolstice  #solsticeritual  #deathandrebirth  #renew  #manifestation  #cocreate  #soulspurpose  #naturesgifts  #changeisgood  #growingdaily  #seasonsoflife  #surrendering  #divine_forest  #earthtemple  #gaialove  #earthhealing  #sacredconnection  #cosmicconnection , #modernmystic , #spiritjunkie , #ascension , #soulawakening , #thirdeyethirst , #myspiritualpath , #highvibes , #higherfrequency , #higherawakening , #starseed , #3rdeyeopen 

This picture of me was taken exactly 4 fours ago. I was in South Africa. It was mid morning. I was with my younger sister, her husband and their newborn at a restaurant. I look so happy. I wanted the world to think that I was. But it was all a lie. I was grieving. Traumatised. In shock. I did not honour my loss, my trauma. I traded my authenticity for social approval. I cloaked my vulnerability with fabricated positive pretence. I used alcohol to camouflage my sadness. A western upbringing taught me to hide my messy and loud expression of pain. To turn down the volume on my grief and to do my feeling behind closed doors, in the shower … anywhere but out in the open. In my glass is whiskey. I was drinking morning till night. I wasn’t sleeping. Or eating. A few weeks later my mind would break. Completely. I would end up in a detox house to be monitored medically. And then I would go to rehab. At the time I didn’t know that my shadows, my pain, my trauma was guiding me back to myself. I just felt like I was falling. Deeper. And deeper. Into darkness. I didn’t know. I didn’t know that the fire of self destruction was EXACTLY what I needed to burn off old stories, limiting beliefs. Being in the fire turned out to be the biggest fucking blessing in disguise. It alchemised my pain and turned it into something of great value. I didn’t know that I was going to slowly put back together my fucked up messy life. I didn’t know that releasing my trauma would be my salvation. I just didn’t know. And neither do you. You don’t know why what is happening to you right now needs to happen. Why it has to hurt so bad. Why shedding skins can be so gruelling, so exhausting. But I want to remind you that this pain you are feeling will shift. It will change. You will get through. You will. Please hold on. Please stay. The world needs you. Today have a shower. Drink some water. Rest. And know that many have been where you are. Even if their pictures seem to look happy, they have a story to tell that would most likely resonate with yours. Hold on. Please. Irma 🖤

Heres a sneak peek of Dr. Sue’s interview for the Hay House HEAL summit coming this Fall! This will be awesome! 🙌🏻. . Energy isn’t flowing through you, you actually ARE the energy! The energy is the healer within! . The proper flow and stewardship of energy ✨within our bodies is at the ROOT of our overall health and directly impacts our ability to HEAL. . If you haven’t tuned into what BioEnergetics is...you might start listening in! She’s awesome! . . #Repost  @healdocumentary  . . . We are currently filming BRAND NEW interviews with healing experts for the Hay House Heal Summit coming out October 23-29, 2019! Enjoy this exclusive sneak peek from Master of Bio-Energetic Medicine and Quantum Field visionary, Dr. Sue Morter. Get ready for a mic drop. 🎤✨✨✨ . . HEAL is now available on Netflix. . . #energycodes  #healthandwellness  #natureheals  #chronicillnesswarrior  #chesleywellness  #authenticity  #functionalmedicine  #healingjourney  #bodymindspirit  #bodymindsoul  #mindbodyconnection  #toxinfreeliving  #holistichealth  #integrativehealth  #rootcausemedicine  #surrendering  #invisibleillness  #energyhealing  #adrenalfatigue  #meditation  #mercurytoxicity  #mindfulness  #adrenals  #healerwithin  #peoplehopetribe  #energymedicine  #healyourbody  #womenshealth  #hormonehealth 

TRUST We are always going somewhere, even though we have no idea why the things are happening as they do or what the meaning is. We always have the experience that is meant for us, for our highest benefit. Life has no opinion. Life is neutral. The Bird on this painting represents the spirit, who has a wide overview and understanding. Spirit knows the direction. We all have a compass in our heart that shows is the way even when cannot understand this with our mind. Only by surrendering to what comes on our path. Let your mind work together with your inner compass call it intuition, faith or inner knowing. What feel good and what doesn't? What is the best in your situation you can do? Let the elements of Life guide you and enjoy the path you are walking and notice: there is so much more to see when you enjoy your walk when you open your eyes and look at all the beauty that is around you! You are taken care of. There is always help. The right people are always coming into your life when you are ready ♡♡♡ Picture from 2016 of me and painting "Trust". ♡♡♡ #trust  #art  #painting  #surrendering  #spiritualart  #wisdom  #life  #MyrtleVreedenburgh  #artwork  #spirit  #compass  #lifepath  #love  #spirituality  #intuition  #intuitiveart  #intuitiveartist  #flow  #elements  #artmedicine  #healingart 

When we surrender to the flow of the Universe and strengthen our trust - when we come into alignment - THIS is when life becomes magnificent. Love getting these messages, they're exactly what I need at precisely the time I need them.🙏 So grateful for the connection with my innate inner wisdom and guidance. - Now..to start implementing. #highvibe  #surrendering  #trusting  #aligning  #abundance  #vessel  #channeledmessages  #theliferenewed 

Being vulnerable and surrendering to your fears encourages Your Growth! Approach Your fears gently from a loving and compassionate place. Follow those silent, little voices of what if’s and why’s until you transform what you fear of into one more reason to Love Yourself. Remember that in order to Grow or build anything, you need to be able to break apart, assemble, fix, move, arrange, rearrange, throw away, get new, modify.... So then, why do you think sometimes that you should approach Your Self Growth in any different way! 🤗🥰😍😇♥️ . . . . #theartofvanjo  #permeathing 

Every challenge comes with the opportunity of bringing more presence into our lives. To not allow the external world to take full control of our state of being, but rather to go inward and make peace with what is, settling us more into presence and connecting us with our power to transform our inner and outer reality. . What happens can either bring us into presence or into resistance. Presence means we choose to remain consciously aware of our inner world, and we do not let the external world serve as a justification to fill our inner world with resistance or harmful thoughts. . In a face of a challenge, the more we invite presence and stillness within, the more we become aligned with the present. Each time we say yes to the present moment, and we bring inner alignment to what is, we connect with a deeper wisdom that not only can bring us the clarity to transform our situation, but it allows us to remain at peace while it changes, and to not fill our beings with tension that usually blocks us from moving toward. . The more we allow the external world to wake up our own inner peace and strength, the more we will be creating a foundation to face challenges with more clarity and with an increased level of peace. As we bring awareness within, making our inner world the primary focus, we start to allow the challenges to support our path instead of becoming an obstacle and source of resistance. This way, creating a stronger foundation for our happiness that comes as the result of our inner alignment and harmony. 🙏