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Solid hang. Great to partner with legendary director, Robert Zemeckis (FORREST GUMP, CASTAWAY) etc. Bob will direct my passion project, THE KING — the true life story of King Kamehameha, the legendary king who was the first to unite the warring Hawaiian islands, which fulfilled a powerful prophecy since his birth. Our script will be written by Randal Wallace, who earned an Academy Award nod for writing one of my all time favorite films - BRAVEHEART. Put together a passionate and extremely talented group of filmmakers for this one. Truly honored to this story of our culture to the world. #TheKing  #KingKamehameha  #WarnerBros  📸 @hhgarcia41 

Wheels up - USA bound. That’s an official wrap on our LONDON production of HOBBS & SHAW. Been an extremely productive two months of shooting — thank you to our brilliant UK crew. We’re making a great one. Now onto the HAWAIIAN ISLANDS 🤙🏾🌋🌴 to continue filming. But first, Dwanta Claus is COMING HOME! Wheels up on the shining silver eagle... #HobbsAndShaw  #DwantaTime  🎅🏾

T.R.O.U.B.L.E. On set of HOBBS & SHAW with @eizagonzalez  as she brings her character “Madam M” to life. And by “brings her character to life” I mean she walked on set and slapped the shit outta @jasonstatham.  Kidding. But I’d pay handsomely with my cheat meal cookies to see that slap. Been very cool to create new characters that audiences are gonna love as we build out our FAST & FURIOUS UNIVERSE. Fun stuff. Welcome “Madam M” to our franchise. We’ve been waiting for her and her squad of bad ass female force multipliers. #HobbsAndShaw  #FemaleForceMultipliers  SUMMER 2019

Get this MF’n gangsta party started. Teamed up with my @underarmour  partners to bring you a 30 DAY @NBCTitanGames  FITNESS CHALLENGE that STARS TODAY. Titans aren’t born. They’re made. Click my bio to get started 👆🏾👆🏾

Why does MAUI make HOBBS look tiny like @kevinhart4real ? We need a JUMANJI set! And it’s a good hair day for both these mofos.

I told @NBC , are you suuuuuure you want to delve into my insane, dangerous, yet very loving & fun mind? They said yes 🙋🏼‍♂️🙋🏽‍♀️ I said ok 🤷🏾‍♂️ So we created the physical manifestation of what would happen if Mount Everest had a baby with Godzilla 🏔🦖 Welcome to MT OLYMPUS Welcome to @nbctitangames  And welcome to the heavenly place known as the creative prefrontal cortex of my brain 😂🧠🤙🏾 THE TITAN GAMES JANUARY 3rd on @NBC  @sevenbucksprod  @asmithcoprod 

My dear birthday girl Jazzy 🎂 🎉 may you always have your mama @laurenhashianofficial ’s beautiful soul, kindness, heart & especially baking skills because cookies are life. And may you also continue to have the greatest laugh playing the game you’re ONLY ALLOWED to play with daddy 😂🖐🏾 Happy 3rd Birthday baby girl! I love you and I got you - always. #HappyBirthdayLilMama❤️ 

It ain’t the 99% who’s not putting in the relentless hard work that I care about. It’s the 1% who is. Things are tough all over. #1percenters 

Sheeeyat you forget how much of a banger this track is cuz “Nuthin’ but a G thang” w/ uncle @snoopdogg  on this album was so revolutionary. “Take it from a real rap rebel, not Bushwick Bill, but I can take it to that other level” in that opening verse is 🔥. When this bass hits it’ll vibrate the MF’n gym. #Chronic  🐐

Titans aren’t born. They’re made 💪🏾⛰ I want you to reach your true TITAN potential — sign up for our @UnderArmour  MapMyRun & MapMyFitness challenge that kicks off on MONDAY. Register to get access to my custom made TITANS workouts, then log 15 workouts between Dec 17 and Jan 15. Kick ass and you’ll win fresh #ProjectRock  gear or $5,000 cash. Here’s your moment to own it, click my bio to get started. TITAN GAMES Debuts JANUARY 3rd on @NBC 

Earned @sevenbucksprod  promotion for @kevinstovetop  👊🏾 Had my eye on this exec for a few years now as he steadily rose up the ranks at WME and continued to impress with his skill, drive, tastes and productivity. From developing our @sevenbucksprod ’s slate of @NBC ’s TITAN GAMES to @HBO ’s ROCK AND A HARD PLACE to @BET ’s FINDING JUSTICE to @CNN ’s SOUNDTRACKS etc — @danygarciaco , myself happily tap him Head of Television & Digital Development for @sevenbucksprod.  Good growth. As always, let’s get to work. #SevenBucksProds  #KevinHill  #HeadOfTV 

And if you see mommy kissin’ Dwanta Claus, it’s all in the name of Christmas, so don’t make it weird. Enjoy the new 🎧🔥 and thanks for making #ProjectRock  @underarmour ’s #1 seller worldwide. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays 🤟🏾 *LINK TO BUY IN BIO ☝🏾☝🏾