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Mana. Gratitude. Tequila. And not necessarily in that order..

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A fun 38 degrees this morning in the traveling circus known as the #IronParadise  🥶 Not my usual “hot as satan’s balls” temperature I prefer but hell’s heaters are being installed as we Get to work. #DrinkUnleaded  #ItWarmsTheBlood 

I’ve come to kick ass and chew bubble gum. Here’s what an “epic action movie fight” would look like between myself and @stephenmerchant  - my director and writer of #FightingWithMyFamily . Always the best time with this guy. He made a brilliant film - but in a fight, I completely and 100% don’t give a fuck. #TheRock  #TheMerch  #FightingWithMyFamily  In theaters THIS FRIDAY!

Blood, sweat & respect. The first two you give - the last one you earn. THE BATTLE OF THE TITANS is finally here. They’ve bled (literally), they’ve cried, they’ve endured hard loss, they’ve stood tall in the biggest victories. It all comes down to THIS THURSDAY NIGHT. #BloodSweatRespect  #TitanGames  @8pm  on @NBC  @sevenbucksprod 

I know I look like 12lbs of dog shit in a 2lb bag, but I was shooting big action sequences on “Hobbs & Shaw” when I stepped away to shoot this intro. We ALL have a little crazy in us and producing this inspiring underdog true story became a passion project on mine. Watch more in my bio. FIGHTING WITH MY FAMILY Opens THIS FRIDAY! @sevenbucksprod 

Dear audience, Oh the fun you are going to have this CHRISTMAS when you watch our new JUMANJI. Love you all, DJ aka Dwanta Claus. DeVito aka Everyone’s favorite grandpa. Hart aka My chocolate biscuit shit son. #Rehearsals  #ScriptRead  #JUMANJI  @sevenbucksprod  📸 @hhgarcia41 

A @sevenbucksprod  movie is one that’s inclusive of ALL 🌍 audiences. Populous & critics alike. Cool to see their high marks align. A audience Cinemascore. 93% (and growing) critics RottenTomato score. So happy for our filmmakers and brilliant cast - you deserve every applause 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾that comes your way. FIGHTING WITH MY FAMILY In theaters NOW! #IfYaSmell  💀

A lil’ DJ FaceTime surprise for the audience who just watched #FightingWithMyFamily !! Big love to my star @realpaigewwe  & her family as well as my producing partner @kevin.misher  for FaceTiming me and holding the phone. And most importantly, HUGE LOVE to the audience for their support and especially, the mysterious woman who started crying and screamed, “I LOVE YOU SO MUCH”.... Thank you 🙏🏾🖤 And I think we can all recognize who that mystery woman’s voice was.. I love you too, Meryl Streep. I love you too. #DJFaceTimeSurprise  #FightingWithMyFamily  IN THEATERS NOW

HOBBS & SHAW - ✌🏾out. My gratitude runs deep in sayin’ this goodbye. To EVERYONE who committed their talents and time to making our movie as great as it can be and for putting their trust in me to help drive this passion project forward - THANK YOU. This production will always be more than a movie to me. It’s represents a soul, a DNA, a toughness, a perseverance and a CULTURE. I love you all and a big fa’afetai tele lava again for trusting me on this one. Audience always comes first... and they’re gonna have a fucking blast! 😈👊🏾 #ThatsAWrap  #HobbsAndShaw  #Culture  AUGUST 2ND WORLDWIDE @sevenbucksprod 

😂💪🏾👏🏾👏🏾👊🏾 I SEE YOU BROTHA @c.t.ali.fletcher  rockin’ my #ProjectRock1s  - @underarmour ’s #1 shoe! THANK YOU for the luv 🙏🏾🖤and thank you for being such a tremendous inspiration to me (for a few reasons we’ve spoken about) and every single day, we let all the candy asses know, ISYMFS. #ironaddicts4life  #bloodsweatrespect  #Repost  @c.t.ali.fletcher  ・・・ “ILL SPIT-SHINE THESE SUM-BITCHES” TURN’EM SIDEWAYS,AND SHOV’EM STRAIGHT UP YOUR CANDY 🍭 ASS!!! 😂😂😂 - SHOUT-OUT TO @therock  #PROJECTROCK  #ISYMFS  #CIFSS  #IRONADDICT  #IRONADDICT4LIFE  #CANDYASS  #KNOWYOURROLEANDSHUTYOURMOUTH  #ITDOESNTMATTER  THANK YOU SIS @leslees 

Last men standing. HOBBS & SHAW is officially wrapped. Easily the most challenging film I’ve ever produced and starred in, however based on the fans’ insanely hyped “break the internet” reactions to our first trailer — this film is also shaping up to be my most rewarding. A HUGE bald and brotherly MAHALO to the man who trusted me and our chemistry and “pushed all his chips in” to make something bad ass and fun for the fans. My uso @jasonstatham.  He’s one legit talented and tough bastard and the pure joy I got from making him laugh so fucking hard during the our takes he couldn’t even talk, I will always remember with evil 😈 glee. Finally, one of the best heli pilots in the world @fred_north  demonstrating here our extreme commitment we all had to deliver the goods to our worldwide audience. #ThatsAWrap  #LastMenStanding  #AllChipsIn  #HOBBSANDSHAW  AUGUST 2nd @sevenbucksprod 

Just call me “sweet rolls comin’ in hot” Bird ✈️ just touched down and my security team always has my truck ready for me to hop behind the wheel and roll out. These sumbitches left me a sweet surprise on the armrest. A very inside joke of a nickname I apparently earned (and it’s not what you think 😈) while we were shooting in Hawaii. Hawaiian Sweet Rolls or “Sweet Rolls” for short. DJ ROCK And now SWEET ROLLS. 🤦🏽‍♂️🖕🏾 @pattyp2334 

Laughin’ at the time back in high school when I got into a Valentine’s Day argument w/ my girlfriend and she so clearly told me where I could shove 😂🌹🤦🏽‍♂️my roses. Flew from LA to Miami so I could spend an awesome afternoon and lovely dinner with my #1 Valentine @simonegjohnson.  Little sleep but so well worth our invaluable and fun father/daughter time. SO PROUD of her and that apple sure didn’t fall far from this tree. Dropped her off, gave her a massive bear hug and back on the bird to get to work. A special Valentines and now excuse me while I get crazy and bring new meaning to the term “mile high club” by goin’ to town on my chicken and pasta. #fatherdaughter  #grateful🖤