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Warsaw is more beautiful than I thought ♡

We made a challenge of taking only creative photos today and this is my by far favourite 🌫️

Enjoying my holidays 🍀

Finding my own style took me a while and I only wish I could find it sooner, but I guess you have to go through certain phases to figure out what suits YOU the best. I sometimes look back at the pictures from a few years ago and I seriously don't know what was I thinking. Then one day I REALLY organised my wardrobe by splitting it into 3 batches. What I wear the most, what I wear sometimes and what I have with a thought " I'll wear it maybe some day". The last batch I sold, the second I donated to the charity and the first batch I used as a base of MY style. I highly recommend that to everyone :) Also! We just launched a huge 50% off on @mogisue  for 24h ONLY.

I usually spend hours looking for a location to shoot and very often when I find one it is right by a street or lots of people walking around. It's not easy to take self portraits outside, let me tell you that. Recently I discovered @sorelleamore  account and as I was proud of my photos before, she took this game to a whole other level. Currently watching her 100th video on YT and feel so so inspired to try more and more!

Stepping into Monday 💨 the only trousers I want to wear from now on. Outfit linked via @liketoknow.it  app

Love seeing film coming back more to life 🎞️

To the freaking weekend 🥂

Random photo I took that made it to the top of M5 @vsco  filter gallery

In my mind I'm right here ☀️ it's hard for me to stay positive when it rains for days. Any tips?

One step is all it takes. Step out of the comfort zone or step up for yourself & others. Happy Tuesday :)

Slow weekend with A LOT of rain How was your weekend?