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2 of 6 Follow Korean jewelry designer @sooyeounvv ’s story this week. Original interview in Korean. ⠀ “I didn’t study jewelry design professionally: I am a qualified dancer, specialising in modern dance. [Storytelling in] dance is abstract, but in jewelry it is far more tangible, which is what drew me towards it.”

1 of 6 For Sooyeoun Jeong (@sooyeounvv ), jewelry design and modern dance are similar. “They both express their beauty using elements they already have,” she says. “Modern dance delivers the message by using the human body and props.” ⠀ In the same way, Sooyeoun uses natural gemstones in her designs to express the delicate serenity of nature. “In a busy modern society, nature is a gift which gives us peace and coziness. Once I came back from the sea and made an earring using a big clam shell,” says the 28-year-old, who lives in Seoul. ⠀ Follow @sooyeounvv ’s story this week. Original interview in Korean.

6 of 6 Sheena (@sheenaroseartist ) believes she has a strong duty as an artist: “I want to teach the viewers more about where I am from. I am not just on a beautiful island with pretty beaches and sand. I want to show more aspects of the island: its social structures, hierarchies, history and spirituality, as well as my personal experiences.” ⠀ In an effort to expand her practice and experience, Sheena recently teamed up with two poets, creating a performance art video in collaboration with a sound engineer and a cinematographer. ⠀ She has a great piece of advice for aspiring artists all over the world, following a conversation with curator Okwui Enwezor: “Don’t think to get big, think to get good.” ⠀ See more of @sheenaroseartist ’s story on @vogue. 

5 of 6 Follow Barbadian artist @sheenaroseartist ’s story this week. ⠀ “There have been many incidences when I have known that my art pushes people. It is not usual to see this kind of art in Barbados. Once, I stripped off and told very personal stories in the nude. Viewers said that I was actually [more] naked through the stories [rather than for the actual nudity]. That was my first performance art piece, titled “One Person, Many Stories.”

4 of 6 Follow Barbadian artist @sheenaroseartist ’s story this week. ⠀ “I usually go to the streets of Bridgetown [the capital of Barbados] to overhear conversations. I love going when it is busiest, on Fridays and Saturdays. The things you hear! I just giggle to myself and run off to the studio to put it in my work somehow.”

3 of 6 Follow Barbadian artist @sheenaroseartist ’s story this week. ⠀ “I studied music until sixth grade and played the piano, the steel pan, and the bass clarinet. My favorite part was composing. I listen to a wide range of music, but I love instrumental – such as easy listening, orchestra, disco – to contemporary music, like indie, dance hall, and mellow.”

2 of 6 Follow Bajan artist @sheenaroseartist ’s story this week. ⠀ “I start my work in different ways. Sometimes I write out thoughts of how I see myself in the Barbadian space and draw in my small sketchbooks, listening to music, which also sparks emotions. Then I have a conversation with my best friends about politics, the everyday condition, the social structures. Finally I go to my studio and dance, paint on canvas, or create costumes. It is a never-ending process.”

1 of 6 Sheena Rose’s (@sheenaroseartist ) work can get pretty personal – and she is not shy about it. “I am a black Caribbean woman from Barbados, and I strongly identify with that,” says the artist, who lives in the easternmost end of the island, St Philip. “Do not look for me to make it easier for you. I say what I have to say.” ⠀ Through drawing, painting, video, and performance, Sheena tries to create art that challenges the viewer in some way. “I always want the viewer to learn and feel something from my work. Most people find the work refreshing and honest.” ⠀ Follow @sheenaroseartist ’s story this week on @vogue. 

6 of 6  See more of @feebfashion ’s story on @vogue.  ⠀ Sustainable fashion isn’t Phoebe’s (@feebfashion ) only passion. “Music is a true hobby of mine,” she says. “I learned to play the guitar and piano when I was younger, and whenever I am faced with a dilemma or stuck with designer’s block I play music to clear my head.” ⠀ The thing Phoebe loves most right now is saying yes. “The more you put yourself out there, the more opportunities will arise. Graduating from university is a scary but exciting prospect, as it is now time to experience fashion in the real world. ⠀ “With regards to a job, while graduates can’t always afford to choose, I hope I am lucky enough to find a position from the get-go with a company whose driving force is sustainability, where I can continue my exploration into sustainable fibers and work with others to bring them to life.”

5 of 6  Follow English designer @feebfashion ’s story this week. ⠀ “Nature often inspires my work and as part of my degree I studied fine art on the far-away French island of Réunion [in the Indian Ocean]. ⠀ “The warmth of the people, the vibrancy of the colors in the sunsets, the tropical plants and ocean life, as well as the textures of the volcanic rock and the shapes of the mountain skylines all come together to inspire my most recent work. ⠀ “Sadly, undeserving islands like this incredible paradise will be the first to be hit by global warming, which inspires both the title of my graduate collection – No Man is an Island – and has further embedded my determination to be sustainable as a designer and a human being.” ⠀ Photo by Danny Ovens

4 of 6  Follow English designer @feebfashion ’s story this week. ⠀ “Research is one of my favorite parts of the design process because I want everything I do to mean something and tell a story. ⠀ “My first source of inspiration is usually a passing thought from which I explore many different sources, begin to create a story and envision my outfits as the characters. Much of my primary research is literature-based, as I often find it easier to imagine detail and silhouette by taking different meanings from words, rather than directly looking at imagery.”

3 of 6  Follow English designer @feebfashion ’s story this week. ⠀ “My tools have become more scientific than I would ever have imagined in my quest to perfect the recipes and methods for my bioplastics. I now include saucepans, thermometers, hot plates and syringes in my toolbox. ⠀ “Much of my work involves knit, a brilliant example of zero waste as it can be constantly unpicked and reinvented. While I am also recycling other types of plastic, such as bubble wrap, in my most recent collection, certain outfits will be fully biodegradable by using bioplastics along with natural yarns and fibers.”